Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spotlight Review: SERENGETI HEAT - Vivi Andrews

A Sexy Shifter story
Samhain Publishing -
ISBN-13: 978-1-60504-613-6
June 2009
Erotic Paranormal Romance -- Short story
Rating: Red Hot!

Texas - Present day

Ava Minor has always been a good girl, with four overprotective brothers, it’s understandable. However, it’s really got more to do with her standing in the Three Rocks Pride. As the smallest and weakest female lioness, Ava is never picked to join the others on hunts, and tradition states that she will never take a mate (she’s “unsuitable” breeding material). But, since the arrival of sexy alpha Landon King, and his subsequent take-over of her pride, Ava sees a brief opportunity to grab a chance at some fun and the most notorious pick-up bar around seems like just the place to find it.

Landon King knows he’s got to pick a mate as the pride needs stable leadership. However, he hasn’t been able to find a female among them who stands out. Well, he wasn’t able to until tonight, when little Ava, sister to his best enforcers, shows up at the local watering hole smelling positively irresistible and provoking his lion side with thoughts of all the ways they could enjoy each other’s company.

Ava knows she’ll never be good enough to be Landon’s consort, but she’s willing to grab his attention for as long as she can have it. Landon knows no other female will do, now he just has to convince her. But Ava is a stubborn little thing and this alpha may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Hoo boy, you can really feel the SERENGETI HEAT as you read this spicy hot story. Ava knows she isn’t strong or fast, in that she’s right, but she is brave, intelligent and loyal to those she loves. Some may think she’s a cowardly lioness, but she may just surprise them all. Landon is unusual among lion shifter males. Instead of believing that might is always right, he wants his pride to be more progressive. He’s undeniably idealistic, but this passionate and honorable man may be the only one who could make a group set in its ways understand that there could be a better life for them all. Oh yeah, and he’s smoking’ hot! Ava is a very lucky girl! ;-)

At fifty-three pages, there’s not a lot of room for secondary characters to develop, but, even so, Vivi Andrews manages to breathe life into them. Landon’s sister Zoe is the only lioness Ava is really comfortable around. Zoe is a strong lioness who’s wise enough to know you’ve got to go for what you want, even if it seems unachievable. Ava’s brothers; Tyler, Caleb, Kane and Michael, are intimidating enough that even an alpha like Landon has to stand up and take notice when they voice their displeasure. Shana is an aggressive, manipulative lioness who’d like to be Landon’s consort. Leonus (the lion Landon deposed) and Kato (his sidekick) don’t seem willing to accept that they’ve lost control of the pride. Some lions just don’t learn their lesson the first time around.

Fast paced and full of life, this steamy tale is one you won’t want to miss. Stop by Samhain and get a copy today, I promise you’ll feel the SERENGETI HEAT.

Lori Ann

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