Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Perfect 10: DON'T TEMPT ME by Loretta Chase

DON’T TEMPT ME – Loretta Chase
A Perfect 10
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-8-06-163266-2
July 2009
Historical Romance

London – 1818

When indolent Lucien Charles Vincent de Grey, the eleventh Duke of Marchmont, hears that Lord Lexham’s daughter, abducted twelve years ago in Egypt at the age of twelve, has returned, he doesn’t believe it. Marchmont is not someone who goes out of his way for any man or woman, but the one person he will always help is Lord Lexham. He will not allow any imposter to bamboozle the family. He is so convinced the woman is an imposter, he places a thousand pound bet that he can prove it before the day is out. But when he arrives at Lexham’s place in Berkeley Square, he recognizes Zoe. While asking him to marry her, an invitation he skillfully declines, Zoe informs him, while still a virgin, she knows all the arts of pleasuring a man.

Zoe risked her life to escape from the harem. She didn’t realize the shame she would bring on her family by coming home as a dishonored woman. Already rumor runs through all the social classes of London about the ‘harem girl,’ and ‘snake charmer.’ Rather than be ostracized to some far away family property, Zoe is prepared to build a new life in Paris or Vienna. She has jewelry to pay her way, but that is an option of last resort. Zoe never wants to feel like a prisoner in her own home, trapped and never free to live her life — she had twelve years of that. However, Marchmont, for her father's sake, promises he can re-establish her reputation.

DON’T TEMPT ME is a delightful read with unusual characters. Zoe, who learned in the harem how to pleasure a man and how to manipulate masters, eunuchs, and servants, makes a most unusual Regency miss. She is not about to live her life on anyone else’s terms, not even those of her family or Marchmont. Everyone underrates her, which leads to some interesting situations, even a few dangerous ones, for both her and Marchmont. While Marchmont has many faults, the reader will fall for his innate honesty and honor. Since both hero and heroine lack almost any inhibition, the sexual tension is pronounced. Interesting and well-defined secondary characters add to this story’s charm. These characters and the unusual situations they fall into will keep readers turning pages.

Ms. Chase is adept at leading readers down the (anything but prim) rose path, earning DON’T TEMPT ME a Perfect 10.

Robin Lee


penney said...

Thanks for the review today I am going to buy this book it sounds good. Thank you

Pam P said...

Great review, I enjoyed this one a lot, too.