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Spotlight Review: WILD HEAT by Bella Andre

WILD HEAT – Bella Andre
Hotshots: Men of Fire, Book 1
Dell Books
ISBN-10: 0440245001
ISBN-13: 978-0440245001
April 2009
Romantic Suspense

Tahoe National Forest, California/Nevada – the Present

Overwhelmed by the recent death of her firefighter brother Tony, Maya Jackson tries to drown her sorrows in alcohol. She meets a sexy stranger in a bar and finds sexual release in his arms. Now, six months later, Maya is back in Tahoe Forest investigating a suspected arsonist in the Tahoe National Forest, Mr. Logan Cain.

Logan is the head of the crew at the Tahoe Pines Hotshot Station. He has dedicated his life to fighting wildland fires and is willing to place his life on the line for his community. To say he is shocked that Maya is investigating him is an understatement. The fact that she is also the same stranger that he met in the bar just adds to his bemusement.

Maya still finds Logan extremely attractive but is determined not to let her attraction affect her investigation. She suspects that the fire that caused her brother’s death was started by an arsonist. Maya’s gut is telling her that the same person who started that fire is responsible for the numerous fires around Tahoe National Forest. Although she can’t believe Logan could cause such destruction, all of her leads are pointing directly to him.

Logan has his own suspect, and if it were anyone but Joseph, the man who raised him from a rebellious teenager, he would have already turned him in. Logan believes that since Joseph is suffering from dementia, he could possibly be starting the fires and not remembering. But the stakes become quite high when the arsonist begins targeting Maya directly. When her motel room is burned down and a threatening note is left for her to find, Maya knows that she must find this arsonist quickly because her life is on the line.

Ms. Andre has penned an excellent novel that will keep readers guessing until the very end. Many of the secondary characters have you wondering if they are the ones who are causing all of the havoc with the wildfires. The suspense will have you turning the pages in a frenzy to find out who is behind the fires. The ending and the arsonist are sure to catch you off guard and will have you looking forward to reading the next installment in this series, HOT AS SIN, arriving in December 2009.

WILD HEAT is a masterfully written novel that I highly recommend to readers looking for an action-packed ride full of suspense and a wild, hot romance.

Anthonette Dotson

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