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Q&A with Maree Anderson and a Giveaway!

First up, I’d like to thank Patti for providing these thought-provoking questions. I’m a newbie at all this so it’s a scary prospect being interviewed about my writing, but these questions made it an absolute pleasure.

June is a special month for me: it’s the month my debut book is released. Coincidentally, it’s a pretty darned special month for my publishing company, too. Happy 15th Anniversary, Red Sage! (And believe me, at Red Sage they really know how to celebrate with their readers, so please check out their official anniversary statement at the end of this interview.)

1. Tell us about your newest release.

I took a punt and entered Red Sage’s Alpha Male Novella Contest last year and when I finalled, Senior Editor Robin Lawson, made me an offer for my novella. It’s called Even Demons Get The Blues and it’s a June 1st Red Sage Presents release.

My heroine, Leisa, was inspired by Holly Hunter’s lead role in the TV series Saving Grace. Leisa might look like an angel, but she sure doesn’t act like one. She’s a bad girl who’s done some pretty questionable things and guilt is eating her alive. Alcohol and casual sex are her chosen methods of self-destruction and she’s embracing both with a vengeance.

And what better hero for a bad girl, than a badass demon? Rez was the demon king’s lieutenant for four thousand wonderfully gory years. But even the most badass demon in Hell can get a bit jaded, so Rez quit and took up beguiling humans. The only problem is that now he’s been beguiled by Leisa, a mere human, and he’s so obsessed that he watches her every move.

When Leisa picks up one loser too many, Rez just can’t stand it any longer and he’s provoked into showing her what a real man—uh, make that demon!—can do. Of course, fate intervenes and the two end up bonded. So there’s Hell to pay. Quite literally!

2. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

A few months before my youngest started school, actually! (He’s now 11.) I figured why not give writing a book a go? And after a truly tragic attempt at chick-lit—and please believe me when I say that first page was a complete disaster!—I ended up writing a fantasy trilogy. On a dare from a friend, I entered the first two manuscripts in a full-manuscript contest called The RWNZ Clendon Award. When I finalled in the contest and was also highly commended, I was hooked! And now I just can’t quit writing...for which I apologize profusely to my long-suffering husband and very understanding kids.

3. Where do you get your information or ideas for your stories?

Historical author (and fellow RWNZ member) Helen Kirkman, and I recently gave a workshop at our local RWNZ chapter meeting on just that topic. It’s called: Sources of Inspiration, or, how the heck did you come up with that idea? (If any of your readers are interested, they can find a full transcript on my website:

For me, as a paranormal and fantasy writer, any source has to inspire some twisty weirdness for me to want to write about it. I find ideas in magazine articles, from watching TV or movies, books, snippets of conversation—the list goes on. If I may, I’ll refer to a few examples I talked about in the workshop.
My Crystal Warriors manuscripts were inspired by a book about crystals. Some of the crystals had such wonderful masculine-sounding names—wulfenite, kyanite, malachite—I thought it’d be fun to write about warriors named for their crystals and ultimately imprisoned inside them by a spell.
In a weekend newspaper, I happened upon a travel article which stated that Utah has the second highest incidence of lightning strikes in America. This led to a manuscript called When Lightning Strikes, featuring aliens who ride lightning and prolong their lives by healing and using the bodies of people who’ve just died in a lightning strike. I thought, what would happen if the victim didn’t die and the alien was stuck sharing her body?
I also cut out magazine articles which catch my eye. One had a photo of a woman cuddled up to a guy, completely blissed out on his scent. The article was about men’s fragrances: “In a world of equal opportunities, men are smelling as good as women—well, nearly.” So that inspired a manuscript called Scent Of A Man, featuring a hero who exudes pheromones which make him irresistible to women. And I’m talking all women—even his mother and sisters—so there’s definitely a horror element to that story.
The notice board in my office is covered with notes and bits and pieces which I can’t bring myself to throw out because I know I’ll use them…one day, LOL.

4. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Umm.... My warped sense of humor? Which I’m told does contribute to my “strong voice”. One of my author friends says I have a “delightfully twisted” mind. I think that’s a compliment?

5. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

That I was quite a versatile writer. I started out writing epic fantasy. Then I switched to 1st person POV sexy paranormals. I’ve also written a paranormal with a Sci-Fi twist and a Regency inspired fantasy. Oh, and a YA paranormal because my daughter was bemoaning the fact she wasn’t allowed to read any of my manuscripts, so I wrote one specifically for her. And with Even Demons Get The Blues being erotic romance and novella-length, I guess I’m pretty much up for giving anything a long as there’s a paranormal or fantasy aspect ;-)

6. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

An afterword by sci-fi and fantasy author, Stephen Donaldson, was the inspiration for my very first manuscript. Angela Knight has had a huge influence on me, too. I love her books and she’s just an incredible lady!

At the very first RWNZ chapter meeting I ever attended, I remember being quite overwhelmed by talk of writing for specific markets and researching what editors were specifically looking for. Heck, I didn’t even know what a category romance was back then! Barbara’s Books owner Barbara Clendon set me on the right track when she commented that authors should “write the book of your heart”.

RWNZ also has some amazing published authors: Nalini Singh, Shelley Munro, Amanda Ashby, Helen Kirkman, Tessa Radley, Abby Gaines, Sophia James, Yvonne Lindsay...honestly, there’s too many to list. I’ve found everyone to be incredibly generous with their advice and mentorship. And now I’m a member of the Red Sage family, too, I have access to their mentoring and the extensive networks they’ve made available to their authors. I’m truly blessed!

7. What does your family think about your career as a published author?

Well, I’m just starting out as a published author, so my husband isn’t allowed to quit his job just yet. He’s ever hopeful, though, and there’s talk of me eventually being able to keep him in the style to which he’d like to be accustomed, LOL. Seriously, I’m very lucky to have a husband who understands my need to write and despite the financial burden, allowed me to quit work and give full-time writing a go.

And my kids think it’s pretty darned cool—especially my daughter, when her teacher attributes her talent for English to the fact her mother is a writer. Unfortunately, my kids can hardly show their mom’s very first published book to their friends because of its genre. Paranormal erotic romance? I don’t think so!

8. Can you tell us about what’s coming up next for you writing-wise?

I’ve just finished Let Sleeping Demons Lie featuring a heroine called Naamah—she’s the felinoid demon who had a huge “thing” for Rez. Thanks to the demon king’s machinations, Naamah ends up in a truly hellish situation with a leonine Lycan prince named Brennan. In a nutshell, it’s kitty vs lion with some truly heinous hyenas thrown into the mix...mwah hah hah! I also have plans to give my demon king his own story since he soooo needs to get his comeuppance!

At the moment I’m working on a paranormal featuring immortal Spartans who’ve had their souls stolen by a dryad. And just for something totally different, I’m trying my hand at a novella-length “Space Opera”.

Feel free to drop by my website—I love it when people visit and leave a comment!


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Fedora said...

Just wanted to say hi, Maree! Thanks for the great interview! I love learning a little more about the authors behind the books ;) Do you write every day? And do you work on more than one story at a time, or do you finish one before starting another?

Don't enter me of course, but I also wanted to say that I loved Even Demons Get the Blues! You've got the gift of writing hot and funny and soul-stirring all at once. I can't wait to read more of your writing!


Maree Anderson said...

Hi Fedora! *waves & jumps around like a loony bird*

You are such a sweetie, BTW. Big hugs coming right atcha all the way from New Zealand!

And hey, I emailed you earlier at the same email you used to subscribe to my newsletter but it bounced back. I wanted to offer you a free Even Demons Get The Blues bookmark for subscribing, so would you mind dropping me a line?

Maree Anderson said...

Ooops! Got so excited I forgot to answer the questions *headdesk*

So here goes: yes, I do write every day - though granted this month has been the month of promo-hell, so I haven't had much of an opportunity...unless you count my weekly Writers Gone Wild blog posts and the monthly articles I post to my own website as "writing". But usually I write every single day. And usually I work on one ms at a time, just plugging away till the first draft is finished.

I've written 9 full-length mss and although a large number of those have finalled in various writing contests, I haven't yet managed to hook an editor or an agent. The reason I've written so many is that the instant I finish one, I sit down & write another because I've got all these ideas bursting through my teeny tiny brain & I just have to get them out before my head explodes!

Right now, I'm doing something I've never done b4: I've interrupted a full-length ms to write a novella. And it's hard because I'm just itching to finish the novella so I can get back to my Spartans and that heinous druid! But I have a self-imposed deadline with the novella, so I have to finish it. Or else. Or else...I won't treat myself to that new handbag I desperately need/want/must have ;-)

Fedora said...

Heh! LOVE it! Hey, finding the motivation that works for you is half the battle! I've got terrible taste, but what is this must-have handbag? ;) Do tell/show!

And whoa--clearly writing takes an incredible amount of discipline to work every day to create what is essentially art! Major hats off to you and other authors who are slaving away at their desks so that I can reward myself for those tasks I'm not crazy about doing :D

I imagine this promo writing is probably throwing your usual writing schedule off a bit, but what a good thing! And next time, this'll be "old hat"!

Maree Anderson said...

LOLOL! Basically it's any "grown up" handbag *grin*

My last one was a Samsonite "Sammies" giraffe bag (think cute backpack in giraffe colours/spots complete with giraffe "horns") and my current one is a "Sammies" ladybird bag, red with black spotted "wings".

I love them because they hold EVERYTHING! But I'm thinking they might need to "grow up". Yanno, now that I'm a serious author and all ;-)

Linda said...

Hey you, just wanted to say well done and ask - who are you? where the hell were you hiding up until now? And send me a copy of the book. (ha ha! - ex-wife of man whose first wife you were bridesmaid too.)

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Maree, congrats on the release of Even Demons Get the Blues! Gotta love a demon story *lol*

Love the name of your next hero, by a weird coincidence my next hero is called Brenn!!

Good luck with all your projects!

Cameron said...

Great interview Maree! I love that you wrote a book your daughter could read! :D As for Even Demons Get the Blues, who doesn't love a badass sexy demon??? I love your comment about "twisty weirdness", those are my favorite books to read. :D

Anonymous said...

Awesome interview Maree!

Looks like it will be such a fantastic read. Please enter me :).

How did you decide to write in the paranormal genre?

Pam S

Maree Anderson said...

Linda - LOLOL! I haven't been hiding anywhere...unless you count being stuck in my office in front of my computer all day. Oh, wait: that's what you meant, right?

Hey, thanks for visiting Christina and you, too, Cameron.

Pam - I didn't really decide to write in the paranormal genre, it just happened! My ideas are always based around some paranormal or fantasy aspect, so that's what I always end up writing about. I get the germ of an idea, then the characters take form, and then I visualise a beginning scene and an end, and everything that happens inbetween is often a complete mystery until its being written. You get that I'm a pantser, huh? (Someone who writes by the seat of her pants, rather than a plotter.)

Gotta say here that I'm not a fan of the word "pantser" so over Writers Gone Wild we coined another phrase with an aviation bent: "barnstormer". Much more sexy to be a "barnstormer" than a "pantser", don't you think?

Estella said...

Gotta love a twisty sense of humor!
are there going to be more books with Rez in them?

Maree Anderson said...

Estella, I sure hope so! I've already written the second book and sent it to my editor -- had to give Rez's ex, her own story because she went all bitch-troll-from-Hell on me, LOL. And I'm planning Asmodeus's story because he soooo needs his come-uppance. What I like about these kind of continuations is bringing back my favorite characters, so Rez and Leisa definitely have roles in these new stories.

BTW, off to soccer game now. Will check back around lunchtime (NZ time!)

Fedora said...

I know what you mean by a grown up purse, Maree! I need to stop carrying a diaper bag around since none of the kids actually wear diapers any more! ;p

SiNn said...

that book sounds soo hot i seriously cant wait to read it would be awesome to win but hey even if i dont it still sounds awesome congrats on the release

Maree Anderson said...

Thanks SiNn!

And thanks for having me on RomRevToday, Patti.

Good luck to all the commenters -- whoever wins, I hope you love reading Even Demons Get The Blues as much as I enjoyed writing it :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't get to make it back yesterday to see your answer Maree.

I do like barnstormer better than panster :).

I hope the soccer game went well!

Pam S

Maree Anderson said...

No worries Pam. And unfortunately we lost, but it was a fantastic game!
Now off for a day-long tournament....the joys of being a soccer mom!

Maree Anderson said...

Congratulations, Pam S! I hope you enjoy reading Even Demons Get The Blues and I'd love to hear what you thought.

Best Regards
Maree Anderson