Thursday, June 25, 2009

Giveaway: A Holiday Romance by Carrie Alexander

A Holiday Romance - Carrie Alexander
Harlequin Superromace
Available now!


A summer holiday in the desert—what had she been thinking? Extreme heat? Scorpions? Senior citizens? Check.

This home-swap vacation had seemed like such a great idea at the time…. Huh. Yet Alice Potter might actually get the romantic adventure she's only ever dreamed about, as resort manager Kyle Jarreau sends her adrenaline into overdrive. Sadly, the resort frowns on socializing with guests, and Kyle has always been a stickler for rules…until now. Seems Alice can be quite tempting when she puts her mind to it. But can they keep their romance a secret or will their Arizona fling burn them both?

Question for readers:

Have you ever been in a holiday romance? One that ended when the holiday was over?

Post your answer, one per person, and I'll pick a winner Sunday night!


Estella said...

Never had a holiday romance.

penney said...

My husband and I went to France once with some other people in a van from England, the woman driving never been to France so we all got lost never made it to Paris everyone had only 3 days , the driver kept saying we'll go there tomorrow not to worry but after 3 days we all headed back to London, come to find out the lady was new to that company and the driver we were to have was late getting there and she wanted the money so she took us, but we all didn't know. Everyone got their money back.
We did have a ok time got to see a lot of the county side in France.
Your book sounds great I love Arizona.

Karen H said...

Never had a holiday romance...sounds like fun tho! hehehe

Caroline said...

I've just come back from sunny Spain with mydh. It was a lovely holiday and there was romance too - and it's not finished as I have him at home too! Yah! Take care. Caroline x

CrystalGB said...

I have never had a holiday romance.

Maureen said...

I have never had a holiday romance but this books sounds like a great story.

Momof1DD said...

Can't say I have had a holiday romance, unless you count being with my husband for all the holidays since 2000. :)