Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Contest for Red Sage readers!

Next up for our Red Sage week is a game of match the author and book! Winner gets their choice of whatever Red Sage Secrets Volume book they want, including Vol 27 when it comes out. The only requirements are that you get ONE book and the mailing address must be in the Continental United States.

Here are the rules: First off, I will list the authors and then down below I'll list titles. Match the authors and the titles and then email me at with your answers.
Deadline to enter is 9:00 PM eastern time on Thursday June 18th.

Here are the authors:

Roxana Blaze
Alice Gaines
Fiona Jayde
Anne Rainey
Lynne Logan
Bethany Michaels
Jess Michaels
Rae Monet
Selah March
Brenda Williamson

Here are the titles:

Booty Call
Secrets Volume 12
A Damsel in Distress
Fires Within
The Killing Frost
Master of the Elements
Secrets: Surrender to Seduction
Forbidden Fruit
A Christmas Cara

Good luck!

Remember to email with your answers.


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Laurie said...

I enjoyed the blurbs about these stories. Nice variety!!