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Book Giveaway: THIS DUCHESS OF MINE by Eloisa James

THIS DUCHESS OF MINE - Eloisa James Avon Isbn-10: 0061626821 Isbn-13: 978-0061626821 Out now! Read the blurb and more by clicking here . Question for readers: Which is your favorite historical time period to read? One entry per person and a winner to be announced Tuesday night (June 2nd)

Authors who have outdated websites....

moar funny pictures I was cruising the web tonight checking out some author websites when I came across a couple that hadn't been updated in a long time. It's not the first time I've run into that, but I swear, it has been an epidemic. I suspect a lot of it is time and the other reason is money. In case readers weren't aware, it costs to not only maintain a website, but to update it if you have someone do it for you. Readers, what author websites would you like to see updated? Writers, want to weigh in your comments. And finally, is there a solution for this? Thanks everyone! Patti

A Perfect 10: FRAGILE BEAUTY by Melissa Marr

FRAGILE ETERNITY – Melissa Marr A Perfect 10 Harper Collins ISBN-13: 978-0-06-121471-4 May 2009 Young Adult Fantasy Huntsdale, Pennsylvania and the various Faery Courts - Present Day The young Aislinn has taken on her new role as the Summer Queen. She has accepted her transformation as a faery queen and is still coming to grips with a new life that is filled with both wonderment and danger. Aislinn wants to stay as close to mortal as she can by attending high school and keeping her human friends. Each day she is one step closer to turning her back on her human side, and only her mortal boyfriend and love of her life, Seth, keeps her grounded. Seth adores Aislinn and wants to stay with her always. But Seth knows he has so much going against him because he is a mortal. He also has to fight for Aislinn’s heart as she is courted by Keenan, her Summer King. Aislinn may love Seth and not Keenan, but she knows that by denying Keenan she could tear apart her court. Keenan needs Aislinn des

Book Winner!

One was the lucky number for Karen H in NC!!! Congrats, as she wins: Kate Hoffmann's latest Harlequin Blaze: The Mighty Quinns: Brody Karen, please email me at with your mailing information by 6/10/09!!

New Reviews Posted at RRT!

Romance Reviews Today, Issue 69, Volume 2, May 25, 2009 CONTEST: Prize books for May 2009 5/2/09 – TILL THERE WAS YOU – Lynn Kurland – Winner: Sue Ahn 5/9/09 – CONFESSIONS OF A LITTLE BLACK GOWN – Elizabeth Boyle – Winner: Cheryl Ricin 5/16/09 – CROUCHING VAMPIRE, HIDDEN FANG – Katie MacAlister – Winner: Martha Lawson 5/23/09 – MAGIC’S DESIGN – Cat Adams – Winner: Donna Clark 5/30/09 – DEATH ANGEL – Linda Howard Click on the Contest Page for information on entering the contest. See the contest page for the NEW Book a Week Contest - the first prize winner will be drawn on April 5th and contest winners will be announced on the RRTAnnounce and RRT Chatters lists. Click on the Contest Page for information on entering the contestNEW RELEASES: Visit our new release page and start your shopping list today! BLOG: Visit the RRTBlog to see what Patti is up to – and what books she is giving away. If you are not on the RRTChatters loop, you are missing some great conversations – and prizes.

A Perfect 10: SALT AND SILVER by Anna Katherine

SALT AND SILVER – Anna Katherine A Perfect 10 Tor Books ISBN-13: 978-0-7653-6304-6 ISBN-10: 0-7653-6304-6 May 2009 Urban Fantasy Brooklyn, New York – the Present You have to love a story where the heroine tells you straight off she has a door to hell in the basement of her diner. In Brooklyn no less -- where else would you absolutely expect to find such a portal? Six years ago, her mom ran off with her tennis instructor and all the family assets, forcing Allie to find a job. She found work at Sally’s Diner. Luckily, her rich friends, Amanda and Stan, didn't desert her. Together they opened the door to hell on the first night she worked at the diner. They were drunk, and Amanda fashioned a magic spell as an entertaining joke. Poof! The door appeared. Ten minutes later, sexy, demon-hunter Ryan entered the basement to guard the door. He’s been hanging around the diner ever since, tantalizing Allie with desires for a closer relationship, a situation Ryan avoids. Between demon kill

You like an Aussie hero....?

Then get ready to read Kate Hoffmann's latest Harlequin Blaze: The Mighty Quinns: Brody Here's the blurb: American heiress Payton Harwell is on the run—from her parents, from her fiancĂ©, from her life! So the last thing she expects is to land in the arms of a rugged stranger in the Australian outback! And like it! Former football star Brody Quinn is dying for some excitement. After an injury cut short his career, he came home to his family's remote cattle station. And he's bored. At least, he is…until he meets Payton in the local jail and decides to take her home with him! It's instant attraction—for both of them. And they make short work of getting to know each other very, very well. But when their pasts catch up to them, will their hearts be able to keep the promises their bodies have been making…? One lucky winner will be drawn Wednesday night (the 27th) and all you need to do to enter is tell me which male foreign person you'd like to be with. He can

Winner of DARING TIME by Beth Kery is....

....congrats to Cheeygirl aka Sarbina !!!!!! Please email me at with your mailing info by June 5th, 2009.

Chat Friday night!

Come join us Friday night as we chat to kick off the weekend and giveaway books. Here is the book list: THE DESERT LORD’S BRIDE by Olivia Gates THE FACE OF DEATH by Cody McFadyen CAFÉ AU LAIT by Liane Spicer CAITLIN’S GUARDIAN ANGEL by Marie Ferrarella ABOUT MONDAY by Sydney Laine Allan THE LOVE OF HER DEATH by Luna Carrol LION EYES by Claire Berlinski THE BISHOP’S DAUGHTER’S by Tiffany l. Warren SLAVE by Cheryl Brooks HIS VERY SPECIAL NURSE by Margaret McDonagh FACETS by Barbara Delinsky SIMPLY SHAMELESS by Kate Pearce THE VIRGIN’S SECRET by Victoria Alexander BRANDED by Tori Carrington THE MIGHTY QUINNS: BRODY by Kate Hoffmann SULTRY STORM by Celeste O. Norflleet ALWAYS READY by Joanne Rock A LONG, HARD RIDE by Alison Kent $5.00 Amazon egift certificate *********************************************************************** Chat begins at 9:30 PM Eastern time. Find us here: And click on the RRT Chat room. (there are four, so make

Q&A with Julia Knight!!!!

1. Tell us about your newest release. My newest release is Ilfayne's Bane. It's the story of a young girl who finds out she isn't quite what she thought - in that she isn't entirely human, and her struggle to come to terms with that. When Hilde discovers she's half-kyrbodan - an immortal race feared by men - at first she thinks she can find somewhere she won't be bullied because of her odd ways. Sadly for her, the kyrbodans are even more against half-breeds than humans. Her new-found abilities also accidentally call back a long lost ( and frankly not missed) wizard named Ilfayne, who both humans and kyrbodans hate even more than they do Hilde. But beneath his cynicism and penchant for melting eyeballs, Hilde discovers that he' the one man who doesn't judge her for what she is, and Ilfayne, a man driven by four thousand years worth of demons and regret, finds a rare thing - a friend. Just as Ilfayne gathers the courage to tell her of the tender feels h

Book Giveaway: DARING TIME by Beth Kery!

DARING TIME -- Beth Kery Publisher: Berkley Sensation ISBN-10: 0425227960 ISBN-13: 978-0425227961 Genre: Time-Travel Out now! Read more by clicking here which takes you to Beth's website. This is a time travel romance. Question for readers: What time period would you want to time travel back to? I'll pick and announce a winner over by this coming Monday.

SEA LORD winner is.....

...Poster #3 -- flchen1 Congratulations!!!!! Please email me at with your snail mail by May 31st.

Chat this week at Romance Reviews Today!

Go to and then click RRT Chat Wednesday night: Chat with Crazy Mo and the gang as they welcome Virginia Kantra! Chat begins at 9:00 PM Eastern time. Door prize: One lucky winner will have their choice from the Children of the Sea series(SEA FEVER, SEA WITCH or SEA LORD)! Moderated by KatBos Thursday night: Chat with Patti as she welcomes the Infinite Worlds of Fantasy Authors! Chat begins at 9:00 PM Eastern time. Guest authors will be: Mark Terence Chapman and John Rosenman. Friday night is open chat night hosted by Patti. Chat begins at 9:30 PM eastern time and runs until we're under the table. Look for mystery book giveaways and always fun chats about anything!

Spotlight Review: THE EDUCATION OF MADELINE by Beth Williamson

THE EDUCATION OF MADELINE – Beth Williamson Kensington Brava ISBN-10: 0758234694 ISBN-13: 978-0758234698 March 2009 Erotic Historical Romance Plum City, Colorado - 1872 Madeline Brewster is a thirty-two year old spinster who owns half of the town of Plum City. She inherited her fortune from her miserly father who was a heartless moneymaker and string puller. According to the people of Plum City, Madeline also inherited his reputation. Madeline feels that she is too tall, not pretty enough and secretly yearns for a family of her own. When she hears of an impending hanging of an unknown drifter, Madeline hopes that her heart’s true desire will finally come true. She approaches the sheriff and the other town-folk and petitions for the drifter’s life. The arrangement she works out is for the unkempt thief named Teague O’Neal to stay with her for a month while completing repairs around her house. Once Teague washes all of the dirt and grime away, Madeline realizes that she is a lucky l

New Reviews at RRTErotic!

RRTErotic - Issue 31, Volume 1 – May 2009 ANNOUNCING THE BEST EROTIC BOOKS OF 2008 CLICK HERE In this issue, we have 13 new reviews for your enjoyment. ( Quick List of new reviews) The Contest at RRTErotic has changed and gotten more fun. In addition to giving away one Samhain eBook per month, courtesy of Samhain Publishing we will be giving away a print book with each update. Just click on the CONTEST page for information on entering the random drawings! Naughty Nibbles (less than 50 pages) NIBBLES Changeling Press MARK OF THE MOON - B.J. McCall - Moonlust, Book 3 - Lori - Paranormal Romance Ellora’s Cave BODY CANDY –Taylor Tryst – Sweet series – Holly – Contemporary Romance TEMPTING TORI - N.J. Walters - Lori - Contemporary Romance Single Titles (101 plus pages) - Short Stories (50 to 100 pages) Contemporary Reviews ALMOST PERFECTION – Lynn LaFleur – Cooper’s Companions, Book 33 – Jennifer – Contemporary Romance BOUND TO PLEASE – Lilli Feisty – Allegra – Contemporary Ro

Book Giveaway: SEA LORD by Virginia Kantra!

SEA LORD is out now and is part of The Children of the Sea series. You can purchase it at any book store, or order from Amazon, BN, Borders or wherever you buy books. This is a paranormal romance and you can read more by going to Virginia's website here. Question for readers and a chance to be entered into a drawing to win a copy of SEA LORD : Let's suppose you meet a nice guy (or gal) and you fall in love. Then, in a moment you won't forget, he (or she) tells you they are an alien from another planet. How would you respond? Post your answer and I'll pick a winner on TUESDAY night the 19th of May.

A Perfect 10: TRUE LOVE AND OTHER DISASTERS by Rachel Gibson

TRUE LOVE AND OTHER DISASTERS – Rachel Gibson A Perfect 10 Avon ISBN: 978-0-06-157906-6 May 2009 Romantic Comedy Seattle, Washington – Present Day For five years, Faith Duffy was the dutiful wife to her much older husband, Virgil, until the day he died. A former stripper and Playboy Playmate, Faith has come a long way from the other side of the tracks. Virgil surprises her when the will is read. Besides leaving her a monetary inheritance, he wills her his pro hockey team, the Seattle Chinooks, instead of leaving it to his only son, Lamont. Faith knows nothing about hockey and is well aware what the team members think of her, but she intends to try to succeed. At a team meeting, she trades jabs with Ty Savage, the captain of the Chinooks, who thinks she has no business running the team. But the PR department sees their antagonism as a marketing dream. As a result, Faith will have to spend more time around Ty than she wants. Ty grew up the son of a hockey legend and is on his way to

Winner of SIMPLY SHAMELESS is....

Congrats to BELINDA !!! Please email me at by May 20th with your mailing information and I'll mail the book off to you!!

Mo's Book Buzz Chat with Bertrice Small is Wednesday!

Bertrice Small chat Date: Wednesday May 13, 2009 Time: 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm (Eastern Time) Location: Notes: The Queen of Sensual Romance, Bertrice Small will discuss her newest fantasy, THE SHADOW QUEEN. Door prize: TBA
TILL THERE WAS YOU - Lynn Kurland A Perfect 10 Jove ISBN: 978-0-515-14624-0 May 2009 Paranormal Romance England - 1258 and 2006 As he prepares to start his new job, architect Zachary Smith decides to change more of his lifestyle. In addition to giving up women, he’s also determined to find a new hobby for his weekends and holidays... one that doesn’t include the paranormal. After years of traipsing through the centuries with his brother-in-law Jamie, Zachary plans to settle into his job of restoring Wyckham Castle and living a quiet life. Plans that don’t look very promising when he arrives at the castle to find a quartet of ghostly matchmakers. Well aware of the exploits of his ancestral ghosts, Zachary heads to Artane, where nothing paranormal ever occurs. With Geoffrey of Styrr loitering about the halls of Artane bragging about his prowess, Mary de Piaget is determined to stay hidden as long as possible. The man’s made his intentions clear, and Mary’s instincts tell her that sh

Book Giveaway: SIMPLY SHAMELESS by Kate Pearce

SIMPLY SHAMELESS by Kate Pearce Out now! Buying info: Kensington Aphrodisia Historical Erotic Romance House of Pleasure #3 ISBN-10: 0758232209 ISBN-13: 978-0758232205 Blurb: Every Desire Explored One forbidden weekend years ago, Helene Delornay found herself stranded with a total stranger. Bold, virile, and well-schooled in the erotic arts, Philip Ross opened Helene’s eyes to a world of sexual delight she never knew existed. Now proprietress of London’s most exclusive house of pleasure, Helene never forgot the carnal bliss she shared with Philip—and she never found another man who could satisfy the insatiable cravings he awakened within her… Every Fantasy Fulfilled When Philip suddenly returns to Helene’s life, the physical attraction they share is far too strong for either to deny. Now as they explore their fantasies and take them beyond the limit, Helene discovers that her feelings for Philip run far deeper than that of just a lover… More information can be found at Kat

New Reviews Posted at Romance Reviews Today!

Romance Reviews Today, Issue 69, Volume 1, May 9, 2009 CONTEST: Prize books for May 2009 5/2/09 – TILL THERE WAS YOU – Lynn Kurland – Winner: Sue Ahn 5/9/09 – CONFESSIONS OF A LITTLE BLACK GOWN – Elizabeth Boyle – Winner: Cheryl Ricin 5/16/09 – CROUCHING VAMPIRE, HIDDEN FANG – Katie MacAlister 5/23/09 – MAGIC’S DESIGN – Cat Adams 5/30/09 – DEATH ANGEL – Linda Howard Click on the Contest Page for information on entering the contest. See the contest page for the NEW Book a Week Contest - the first prize winner will be drawn on April 5th and contest winners will be announced on the RRTAnnounce and RRT Chatters lists. Click on the Contest Page for information on entering the contestNEW RELEASES: Visit our new release page and start your shopping list today! BLOG: Visit the RRTBlog to see what Patti is up to – and what books she is giving away. If you are not on the RRTChatters loop, you are missing some great conversations – and prizes. CHATS: Join Patti every Friday night in the R

Winner of the Rachel Gibson book is...

....Congrats to poster Kim H...poster #8!!! Please email me at with your mailing info.

Chat and This 'n That....

Don't forget the chat Friday night beginning at 9:00 PM EST in the Romance Reviews Today chat room. The guest is Victoria Alexander Curious about what books are out in May? check out the May releases section at the RRT site: Finally -- I'll draw the name of the winner for the Rachel Gibson book Friday night. Stay tuned!!!

Best Books of the Year from Romance Reviews Today!

Romance Reviews Today May 2008 – Special Announcement Congratulations to the Winners of the Best Book of 2008 from the reviewers at Romance Reviews Today. And the winners are: Best Nibble:PAYBACK IN WAYBACK - Lynda J. Coker Best Chick Lit:QUEEN OF BABBLE GETS HITCHED - Meg Cabot Best Contemporary Fiction:THE MEMORY OF WATER - Karen White Best Contemporary Romance:BLUE EYED DEVIL - Lisa Kleypas Best Historical Fiction:LADY OF THE ROSES - Sandra Worth Best Historical Romance:SEDUCE ME AT SUNRISE - Lisa Kleypas Best Fantasy:THE MAGE’S DAUGHTER - Lynn Kurland Best Fantasy RomanceQUEEN OF DRAGONS - Shana Abe Best Paranormal Fiction:ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE - Jeaniene Frost Best Paranormal Romance:INTO THE FLAME - Christina Dodd Best Science Fiction Romance:SHADES OF DARK - Linnea Sinclair Best Romantic SuspenseFACELESS - Debra Webb Best Inspirational:FOR PETE’S SAKE - Linda Windsor Best Series Romance:FRENCH KISSING - Nancy Warren Best Time Travel Romance:DARK EMBRACE - Brend

Book Giveaway: TRUE LOVE AND OTHER DISASTERS by Rachel Gibson

Prize is: TRUE LOVE AND OTHER DISASTERS by Rachel Gibson Blurb: Disaster Number One: Men Hard knocks and hunger taught Faith Duffy not to believe in love. Still, when she married her very wealthy—and very old—husband, she became the perfect wife. And then he went to that big bank in the sky, leaving Faith with lonely nights, a pile of money, and a total mess of a pro hockey team. Heck, Faith doesn't even watch hockey! Disaster Number Two: Passion But most of America and half of Canada is watching Ty Savage. His lethal sex appeal and deadly right hook make him the favorite of fans. For most of Ty's life, he's dreamed of winning the Stanley Cup. The last thing he needs is a bimbo messing up his plans. Disaster Number Three: Love Faith loathes Ty on sight, but she can't stop thinking about him all day . . . and night. Then a moment of temptation ends with Faith in Ty's bed, and she begins to see there's more to him than sex appeal. Ty discovers there's

Chats this week at Romance Reviews Today!!!!

All chats begin at 9:00 PM Eastern Time and you can find them over in the Romance Reviews Today chat room. Direct link to chat room click here Wednesday (May 6th) - Mariah Stewart Friday (May 8th) - Victorica Alexander Later this month, chats include Bertrice Small and Virginia Kantra! Keep your eye on the left hand side bar of this blog or subscribe to the Book Buzz Notification of upcoming chats.

Spotlight Review: MAGIC STRIKES by Ilona Andrews

MAGIC STRIKES – Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels , Book 3 ACE ISBN: 978-0-441-01702-7 April 2009 Fantasy Atlanta, Georgia – Present Day In a post apocalypse Atlanta, torn apart by a war between science and magic, there exists a good strong woman, Kate Daniels. The city is literally falling apart as magic takes a stronger hold each time it sweeps through like a windstorm. Buildings and machinery are deteriorating, and people are mutating. The Knights of Merciful Aid, as well as The Guild of Mercenaries are trying to maintain some kind of order, and Kate, a member of the Guild, is conscripted to work as an operative of the Knights, a kind of police officer when things get out of hand. She is also a friend of The Pack, the werewolves that control Atlanta. Kate is a woman who doesn’t take her obligations or her friendships lightly. Kate finds her friend, Derek, severely beaten and sure to die unless she can find what was done to him. She doesn’t hesitate, even if it means going into the very

Winner is....

The winner of SINS OF A WICKED DUKE is poster #7--Laurie!!!! Congrats and email me at with your snail mail info!!!