Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spotlight Review: DAKOTA DADDY by Sara Orwig

Stetsons & CEO’s, Book 1
Silhouette Desire #1936
ISBN-10: 0-373-76936-9
ISBN 13: 978-0-373-76936-0
April 2009
Series Romance

South Dakota - Present Day

In order to win a bet with his cousins, Jared Dalton plans to buy the ranch that neighbors his property in South Dakota. The ability to buy out Edlund Sorenson and have a little revenge against Edlund and his daughter Megan is just icing on the cake. Seven years ago, Jared and Megan were in love, but Edlund’s threats forced Jared to leave Megan behind. His plans for revenge go awry, though, when he finds out that Edlund is dead and Megan decides against selling the ranch when she learns that Jared is the prospective buyer. After seeing her again, Jared realizes it will take all of his charm to get her to even consider his offer.

Megan Sorenson has never forgiven Jared for walking out on her, or for the fact that he wasn’t around when she realized she was pregnant. Because of the long-standing feud between her father and Jared’s, she knows that Jared is the last person on earth her father would want owning the ranch, and she has no intention of letting him. Once she sees him again, though, she finds herself falling for his charmingly seductive ways, and begins to wonder if she shouldn’t have sold the ranch to him immediately. How will she be able to resist him, and what will he do when he finds out about his son?

A secret child and a long-overdue reunion are the themes of DAKOTA DADDY. Jared Dalton has become a successful restaurateur, and he and his cousins, Matt and Chase, have a fifteen million dollar bet to see who can most increase their net worth over the course of a year. He has every intention of winning the bet, and the chance to get to know Megan again is something he can’t pass up. She, however, is bitter over his leaving and goes back and forth between wanting him and being determined not to get too close. Jared’s discovery of his son brings about more complications, but will it also bring about a reconciliation? Pick up DAKOTA DADDY to find out.

Jennifer Bishop

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