Monday, April 06, 2009

A Perfect 10: BLOOD MAGIC by Jennifer Lyon

BLOOD MAGIC – Jennifer Lyon
Wing Slayer Hunters, Book 1
A Perfect 10
Ballantine Books
ISBN-10: 0345506340
ISBN-13: 978-0345506344
February 2009
Paranormal Romance

Glassbreakers, California – the Present

Isn’t it funny how life can drastically change within a few moments? Darcy MacAlister is comfortable with her life as a funeral director. Within the twinkle of an eye, her ordinary life becomes extraordinary after she is attacked by criminals fascinated by her blood! Darcy is rescued by Axel, a larger than life hunk. But, before Darcy can express her gratitude, Axel kidnaps her, claims she is a witch, and demands that Darcy help his sister.

Axel is a Wing Slayer Hunter on a mission. When a deadly spell is placed on his little sister, Hannah, Axel searches for a witch strong enough to remove the curse. To his surprise, Darcy has no idea that she is a witch and has never knowingly used her magic. To further complicate matters, villains are intent on killing Darcy, and Axel is her only hope for survival. As a Witch Hunter, Axel’s job is to protect witches and fight his yearning for witch blood. He knows Darcy is off-limits because, with only one taste of her blood, he could easily become ravenous for more. Darcy and Axel are soon fighting their attraction to one another and trying their best to tap into Darcy’s dormant powers because Hannah has only a few days to live before the curse claims her life.

Readers, get ready for the Wing Slayer Hunters! Axel is the leader of a group of immortals sworn to protect witches and the world from the villains intent on harming them. Axel is an “all-or-nothing” alpha accustomed to getting his way. He doesn’t understand his uncontrollable and all consuming attraction to Darcy. He only knows that he must have her despite all odds.

Darcy eventually falls hopelessly and completely in love with Axel, despite his overbearing ways. BLOOD MAGIC does an excellent job introducing and exploring the possibilities of witch magic as Darcy learns her powers. The other Wing Slayer Hunters are introduced and all seem worthy of their own tales. However, readers are only given a tease and won’t learn too much about them in BLOOD MAGIC. I guarantee that lovers of paranormal romance with sexy heroes who own their pages will be hooked by BLOOD MAGIC. By the end of the first chapter, you will recognize that you are truly in for a treat. Ms. Lyon has done a phenomenal job creating believable characters and intertwining them in such action-packed, save the world scenes that readers will be left frantically awaiting the next book in the series.

BLOOD MAGIC has Perfect 10 written all over it and is sure to be a hit all around. I enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to placing its successors on my keeper shelf.

Anthonette Dotson

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