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Spotlight Review: BARE DEVOTION by Lacey Thorn

BARE DEVOTION - Lacey Thorn Bare Love, Book 4 Ellora’s Cave ISBN: 978-1-4199-1405-8 February 2008 Erotic Contemporary Romance - Short Story Rated: E-rotic Legacy - Present Day With a serial arsonist/murderer on the loose in the town of Legacy, fire marshal Blake Summers is determined to find any clue that will lead him to the person terrorizing the city. When a black clad figure approaches the latest crime scene, Blake calls the detectives working the case and then tackles the “suspect”. Only after he tackles the suspect does he realize that it’s a woman. Ally Samms is determined to find the man calling himself The Messenger, the person responsible for killing her mother and her mother’s lover. In the past, Ally’s visions and ability to connect to either the victim or the killer have led her to work with the police, but this time she’s on her own. She’s aware that the Legacy police and fire marshal aren’t likely to believe her story, but the arriv

Spotlight Review: INDENTURED BRIDE by Regan Taylor

INDENTURED BRIDE – Regan Taylor Book 1 of the Bride Series Awe-Struck E-Books - ISBN 978-1-58749-653-0 March 2008 Historical Romance Adler Creek, Wyoming – 1855-1860 Brett Parker, half Cheyenne and half white, has sworn off marriage after being told he was a dirty half-breed and no one would want to marry him. He is the deputy in Adler Creek, and his good friend, Rick Hansen, is the sheriff. Twenty-one year-old Jennifer Matthews’s parents are dead. After her father committed suicide, her mother’s brother, Julian, becomes her guardian until she is twenty-five. Ever since she was a child, her uncle has tried to force his attentions on her. When Julian tries to rape Jennifer, she hits him over the head with a lamp, and thinking he is dead, she runs away, jumps on an empty rail car and ends up in Virginia. She finds a group of women heading west as mail-order brides, changes her name to Jenna, and joins their party. Meeting Bea and Belle, she becomes part of their th

Do you want to be.... HOT AND BOTHERED?

Or rather, do you want to win HOT AND BOTHERED by Dianne Castell? I happen to have a copy I picked up from Amazon here in my hot little hands. (Don't worry, I'll be getting another copy). Anyway, I'm going to give away to ONE lucky winner a copy of this book. It is an April book, so it is just reaching book shelves. You can read more about what's inside by going to Dianne Castell's website . My question for you is: What (or where) is your favorite setting that you enjoy in romance stories? Post away and one per household. I'll pick the winner the evening of April 2nd !

Winners.....have we got WINNERS!!!!

As promised, announcing winners tonight. First up -- for the $10 egiftcard from either Amazon or BN...the winner is... flchen1 Congratulations! Please email me at with the email address and which place you want the giftcard from. For the Stella and Audra Price...the winner is..... Annalisa !!! Please email me with your mailing info to PS...don't forget to join me Friday night in the chat room at You never know what might be given away!

Spotlight Review: DARK AWAKENINGS by Laura Billingsley

DARK AWAKENINGS - Laura Billingsley The McGillis Family Chronicles , Book 1 Whiskey Creek Press Torrid - ISBN: 978-1-60313-059-2 March 2008 Erotic Romantic Suspense Mid-Western United States - Present Day Darby Rush is trying to get on with her life after her husband, Sean, a detective, was killed in an undercover operation. She has to be strong for her precious eight-year-old daughter, Amy. But Amy is well-adjusted and has a new friend to keep her happy. Jeff McGillis is the same age as Amy, and he is staying with his uncle and aunt while his father goes on a business trip. Jeff’s father, Adam, owns a horse ranch, and Jeff hopes to work with his father this summer. Amy and Jeff meet at Sunday school and become the best of friends. This summer should be fancy free, and but a sinister individual is watching Darby’s every move. He wants Darby and will stop at nothing to have her for his own. Darby quickly realizes that she is being watched a

The winner of THIGH HIGH is...........

The handy dandy random number picker chose ..... MARY F as the lucky winner of THIGH HIGH by Bonnie Edwards!! Congrats Mary and email me at with your mailing address and don't forget to let Bonnie know if you want a signed bookplate! More contests coming, including two going on right now and another one on the RRT Chatters loop! Click to join RRTChatters

Another contest! SILK AND STEEL by Stella and Audra Price!

Silk and Steel is a print book from Tease Publishing and I'm giving away to one lucky winner this copy! You can read more about Silk and Steel by clicking here . If you're interested in winning a copy, just post away in this thread and I'll pull a winner out Wednesday night! (26th) Good Luck!!!!

A Perfect Ten: LIFELINES by C.J. Lyons

LIFELINES - C. J. Lyons A Perfect 10 Berkley ISBN: 978-0-425-22082-5 March 2008 Contemporary Fiction Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Present Day Dr. Lydia Fiore has just transferred from Los Angeles, California. Her first day at Angels of Mercy Medical Center is eventful. She saves a boy, Theo Pearson, when she ignores protocol and irritates many of the staff with her unorthodox treatment. She saves the life of a baby who had been misdiagnosed, then loses Jonah Weiss, whose father is Elliott Weiss, Chief of Surgery. He wants Lydia’s head on a platter. What an inauspicious beginning, and she doesn’t even have a place to stay other than a small motel. Is her career over before it has begun in Pittsburgh? You have to read LIFELINES to believe it. The writing, storyline, descriptions, and characterizations are simply superb. There are several threads that wind up being connected by dark, human evil and that delve into just how low men can sink in their greed and inhumanity to others. The col

Ask Five with....PATRICE WILTON!!!

1. Tell us about your latest release. DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSIE was written as a chick-lit with a paranormal twist. Susie is whacky, adorable, and slightly desperate. She's also a huge disappointment to her plastic surgeon father. Her life is a series of calamities until the special gift of magic, and a firefighter named Brett, enter the picture. Armed and ready to live life on her own terms, once again she is defeated. A fire nearly claims the life of the man she loves. Can she save him? Will Susie ever find the happiness she desperately seeks? 2.How long had you been writing before you sold your first story? I'm embarrassed to say that I've been writing for nearly 18 years! I wrote my first romance in long-hand, before I even knew how to use a computer. I never took any writing courses, but thought how hard can it be? Well, I learned exactly how hard, but every rejection only got me closer to my dream. 3. So far, what has been the biggest thrill for you as an auth

Romance Reviews Today wants to hear from you!

Yes, that is right! Terrie would like some feedback on the Romance Reviews Today and RRT Erotic review sites. Do you see something you dislike? Like? Want something done differently? Check out and and then come back and post your comments. To sweeten the deal...if you post a constructive comment (meaning other than "It looks good") I'll put your name in a pot and draw one person out of the pot to win a $10 egiftcard from either Amazon or B&N. And remember, Terrie wants your opinions, whether she takes them or not. A webmistress sometimes never knows what others think about a site if no one says anything. Also, anyone can comment and enter for the drawing...even RRT staff members, except for Terrie and I. To keep it fair, I'll draw the winner from a random number picker. I fired Mo a while back, who helped me pick numbers for a bit. :) The contest ends a week from today -- March 26th at 8pm easte

Win a copy of THIGH HIGH by Bonnie Edwards

Want to win a copy of THIGH HIGH? Then just post away and I will draw ONE winner on Monday evening (24th) who will get a copy. One entry per household and I will only give you 48 hours to claim your prize. To learn more about THIGH HIGH and Bonnie Edwards, be sure to visit her website at Here is a copy of RRT Erotic's review of THIGH HIGH : THIGH HIGH – Bonnie Edwards Kensington Aphrodisa ISBN: 0-7582-1774-9 February 2008 Erotic Anthology Three hot stories that will have you running out and buying some thigh highs of your own to surprise the man in your life… ;-) Thigh High Anywhere Kat Hardee has been harboring a secret crush on her next door neighbor Taye Connors for months. When her friend and neighbor, Celia, challenges Kat to go after Taye, Kat has to shake off her initial shyness and figure out the best way to attract him. Then a mix up has Taye literally showing up on her doorstep. Taye receives a delivery that he mistakes for his and

Spotlight Review: THIGH HIGH by Christina Dodd

THIGH HIGH - Christina Dodd Signet ISBN: 978-0-451-22337-1 March 2008 Contemporary Romance New Orleans, Louisiana, during the current Mardi Gras High on the seventy-sixth floor of the Premier Central Bank Building in Philadelphia, PCB's reclusive CEO Jeremiah "Mac" MacNaught stares raptly at the security tapes of the bank's New Orleans branch. He freezes the frame on the face he can't get out of his mind. He doesn't want to be attracted by her: she's his number one suspect as mastermind of the annual Mardi Gras bank robberies. Every year for four years, two cross-dressers enter one of his banks -- nothing unusual during Mardi Gras week -- and hand the teller an amusing note demanding a ridiculously small amount of cash. They've never hurt anyone and so have entered the folklore of the Big Easy as the Beaded Bandits. Mac's investigator has returned from New Orleans with nothing to work with and half in love with Mac's prime suspect himself:

Latest RRTErotic Issue Up!

RRTErotic - Issue 18, Volume 2 – March 16, 2008 In this issue, we have 19 new reviews and 13 new nibbles for your enjoyment. ( Quick List of new reviews) RRTErotic now offers promotional services. Email me ( ) about our current specials. RRTErotic -- Now offering Website Design and Hosting -- email: for details. Enter the March Contest for your chance to win! Drawing will be held March 31,2008 RRTEROTIC IS CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR REVIEWERS TO REVIEW EROTIC NOVELS IN ELECTRONIC FORMAT. EMAIL: if you’d like to join the RRTErotic staff. Please submit a sample review at the time of application. Thanks for visiting RRTErotic! Terrie Figueroa Owner/Webmistress Romance Reviews Today RRTErotic Single Titles (101 plus pages) Anthology Reviews SHIFTER - A. Knight, L. Leigh, A. Day, V. Kantra - Jennell - Para

New winner of SWEET SURRENDER...

Okay, Nannette never contacted me as instructed, so picked another winner using the Random Number Picker site. The new winner of SWEET SURRENDER is................ Limecello !!!!! Please contact me at within twenty four hours. This would be by Sunday night. Thank you and congratulations!!!!!!!!! Don't forget we are chatting tonight at Romance Reviews Today and one lucky winner is going to win a copy of HANDYMAN by Jodi Lynn Copeland!!! You can enter the chat room by clicking here Chat begins at 9:30pm eastern time.

Winner of THIN ICE is........

MAUREEN wins THIN ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! Email me within 36 hours at

Latest Reviews are up!

Romance Reviews Today, Issue 55, Volume 2, March 12, 2008 Okay, technically, this is the March 10th update. Unfortunately, work, work and more work has interfered in getting the update done. My plan was to have it completed Sunday night -- but as will all the best laid plans -- it didn't quite work out that way. However, it's done -- the fabulous reviews are ready for your reading enjoyment. We have 25 new reviews in this issue. Visit our new release page and start your shopping list today! You'll note that all books which are reviewed are now linked on our New Releases page as well as in the current and back issues and on the individual genre pages. Visit the RRTBlog to see what Patti is up to – and what books she’s giving away. If you aren’t on the RRTChatters loop, you’re missing out on some great conversations – and prizes. Happy Reading! Terrie Figueroa Owner/Webmistress Romance Reviews Today RRTErotic Anthology DEAD OVERHEELS - Mar

SWEET SURRENDER winner is............

The winner of SWEET SURRENDER is............. NANNETTE! Please email me within 48 hours at If I don't hear from you, I will award it to someone else during Friday night's chat in the RRT Chat room at Btw, we are giving away a copy of Jodi Lynn Copeland's handyman anthology in chat. Join us at 9:30pm eastern time on Friday for that! CONGRATULATIONS NANNETTE!!!!!!!!

A Perfect Ten: VAMPIRE INTERRUPTED by Lynsay Sands

VAMPIRE, INTERRUPTED - Lynsay Sands A Perfect 10 An Argeneau Novel, Book 9 Avon ISBN: 978-0-06-122977-0 March 2008 Paranormal Romance Europe – Present Day After hundreds of years of existence, and with all her children happily settled, Marguerite Argeneau decides it’s time for something new. Her choice of new is to become a private detective, and her first case is to locate Christian Notte’s mother. It seems like a simple job; however, Christian is a vampire and so is his mother, and he has never seen her nor does he know her name. You’d think he could just ask his father Julius, but Julius isn’t talking. With little information, Marguerite, along with Tiny, her mortal partner, sets off for Europe in search of Christian’s unknown mother. However, it quickly becomes apparent that someone doesn’t want Marguerite to find the mysterious woman, and when her life is in danger, Julius insists on helping to protect her, though he still refuses to reveal who Christian’s mother is. Margue

Thin Ice giveaway!!

What perfect timing! We just had Liana Laverentz as the RRT Blog guest and she just tied for an EPPIE award for THIN ICE at the awards announced over the weekend (EPPIES are for electronic published authors). Find all the EPPIE winners by clicking here. I thought a way to help Liana celebrate would be to give away a copy of her award winning book THIN ICE. So today I went to Amazon and purchased a copy for a giveaway! It is a print book and I will give it away to one lucky winner. All you need to do is post away and on Wednesday night I will draw a winner from the posts.

Ask Five with Liana Laverentz!!!!

1. Tell us about your latest release. Thin Ice isn’t my latest release, but it is my biggest, and is still doing well on the bestseller lists at The Wild Rose Press. It’s a 2007 New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf Award winner, a 2008 EPPIE finalist, and was a nominee for Best Romance of 2007 at Long and Short Reviews. Jake’s Return is my latest release, and special to me for a very different reason. One involves a couple that have never met before, and the other a couple that were childhood friends. I found them equally challenging to write, because the dynamics of the relationships were so different. But both deal with the issues of love, trust and forgiveness. 2. How long had you been writing before you sold your first story? I started writing with the intent of getting published in 1988. My first book was published in 1993. 3. So far, what has been the biggest thrill for you as an author? The comments I get from readers. I’ve had people tell me they couldn’t put the b

Contest for..... SWEET SURRENDER by Maya Banks!

I've been sick the past few days and while laying around it reminded of books or authors who are comfort reads. You know....for the days when you need a little pick me up. RRT Blog is giving away to one lucky reader a copy of Maya Bank's latest release SWEET SURRENDER .... Read more about this exciting book by clicking here . Tell us about which authors or books you consider your comfort reads. From the postings (one per household please) I will pick and announce a winner on the evening of March 11th !

New reviews posted

Romance Reviews Today Issue 55, Volume 1, March 1 2008 Spring hasn’t quite sprung, and many places are still dealing with nasty cold weather. If the weather has you trapped inside what better way to spend your time than with a great book? Step into the March issue of Romance Reviews Today and browse the fabulous reviews of new books. We have 51 new reviews in this issue. Visit our new release page and start your shopping list today! Visit the RRTBlog to see what Patti is up to – and what books she’s giving away. If you aren’t on the RRTChatters loop you’re missing out on some great conversations – and prizes. Happy Reading! Terrie Figueroa Owner/Webmistress Romance Reviews Today RRTErotic Chick Lit NEWS BLUES - Marianne Mancusi - Diana Contemporary Fiction THE MEMORY OF WATER - Karen White - A Perfect 10 - Marilyn VIOLET BY DESIGN - Melissa Walker - Violet series, Book 2 - Kate Contemporary Romance DEEP DISH - Mary Kay Andrews - Lisa - Contemporary

EROS ISLAND winner is......

The winner of EROS ISLAND is.........poster number 3....KIM H Kim, please email me at with your info. Put "Blog winner" in the subject line. Congratulations Kim!! Stay tuned because I will be posting another book giveaway later in the week. :)