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My Big, Fat Supernatural book giveaway!

Tonight's book is actually a year old, but has to be just as enjoyable this time of the year.

My Big, Fat Supernatural Wedding, a collection of short stories including authors Sherrilyn Kenyon, Charlaine Harris, and Jim Butcher.

Here is Romance Reviews Today review of it from a year ago:

MY BIG FAT SUPERNATURAL WEDDING - L.A. Banks, Jim Butcher, Rachel Caine, P.N. Elrod, Esther M. Friesner, Lori Handeland, Charlaine Harris, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Susan Krinard
St. Martin's Griffin (Trade Paperback)
ISBN-10: 0-312-34360-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-312-34360-6
October 2006
Paranormal Romance/Fantasy - Anthology

Getting married is often a very stressful time in a bride's life, but here are a few who take it to the next level.

Spellbound - L.A. Banks
Present Day

The Hatfields and McCoys are at it again. The generational back and forth continues into the present and is now threatening the future well-being of Odelia Hatfield and Jefferson McCoy, two lovebirds who would love to get married without the wrath of God falling on anyone's head. Can some ghosts, a passel of unaffiliated relations, and a couple of determined college grads get two stubborn families to cease fire?

An interesting take on an old story, Spellbound is quite entertaining. Odelia and Jefferson are at their wits' end dealing with their voodoo wielding families. The countdown to the wedding brings strange and funny mishaps. While most bridal parties just worry about getting to the church on time, in Spellbound they just want to get to the church in one piece!

Something Borrowed - Jim Butcher
Chicago, Illinois - Present Day

When Harry Dresden's friend Billy the werewolf's best man ends up in the hospital, Harry gracefully steps in to take his place. But he doesn't realize that part of the deal will be saving the bride when she unwittingly becomes the 'something borrowed.'

Vintage Harry Dresden with the snarky humor, action, and suspense that guarantee a run to the top of the bestseller lists. While readers familiar with the series will thoroughly enjoy this short and sweet installment, those new to the series may be a little lost without the back story. But hey, what better time than now to go out and pick up the previous eight books in the series!

Dead Man's Chest - Rachel Caine
Present Day

When short and mousy Cecilia Welles meets blond and beautiful romance-cover model Ian Taylor, she is literally mowed down by the Love Train. But the one thing Cecilia doesn't expect, besides getting married on a pirate ship, is to end up the 'something blue' as she takes a swim with the fishes. Is Ian actually mister right or just mister good-looking?

If you liked the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, you'll love Dead Man's Chest. In the few short pages of this story, author Rachel Caine infuses humor, romance, and adventure to create a highly entertaining read and one of my favorite tales in the collection.

All Shook Up - P.N. Elrod
Present Day

It's not often that caterer Frankie Foster is asked by a strange man to pull his pants down. But one look at the gorgeous wedding singer and she's ready and able to pull his tight leather pants anywhere he wants her to. Then Frankie opens up her inner eye to see if the Elvis tribute singer with the looks, moves, and voice to almost convince her he's the real deal is as good as he looks. The shock of that one look leaves Frankie All Shook Up.

Elvis is in the house! A fabulously inventive tale, All Shook Up will leave you humming Elvis tunes. All I have to say is, if I ever get married, I want this guy singing at my wedding! I've never ready anything by this author before, but this tale inspires me to pick up a few.

The Wedding of Wylda Serene - Esther M. Friesner
Present Day

You've heard of Bridezilla? Well, this is worse...

I've thought long and hard about how to describe this story without giving anything away...to no avail. It is a tale narrated by an individual who is never named, involves mythical creatures, is about a wedding that may or may not be doomed from the start, and by an author that, frankly, I've never heard of. With that as a start, I'm sure you're wondering why you should even consider this story. Well, because it's freaking hilarious in an upper-crusty British dry wit sort of way. With lines like 'Children spoil more readily than oysters in July' or a woman suffering a 'sudden need to study art history' as a euphemism for being pregnant out of wedlock, you may not find yourself laughing out loud, but it will definitely inspire a chuckle or two as you turn the pages. This collection is full of great authors and well-told stories that I thoroughly enjoyed, but The Wedding of Wylda Serene is by far my favorite.

Charmed by the Moon - Lori Handeland
Minnesota - Present Day

Jager-Sucher and werewolf hunter Jessie McQuade can't believe she finally said yes to Will Cadotte's marriage proposal. There is no question that she is in love with him and he with her, but marriage was never something she associated with herself. When Jessie finds a love charm in Will's personal belongings, she starts to wonder, is it really love or is it just a spell?

Love is a very precious thing to people involved in a job with a high death rate. Fans of Lori Handeland will enjoy reuniting with Jesse and Will (BLUE MOON) as they consider taking the next step in their relationship. Still very much a smart-aleck, Jesse finds it difficult to keep her mouth shut, and Will loves her all the more for it.

Will these two find marital bliss, or were they just Charmed by the Moon?

Tacky - Charlaine Harris
Rhodes - Present Day

A vampire marrying a werewolf? Well, it's just not done. At least, that's how vampire maid of honor Dahlia feels, and the other bridesmaids are in accordance. But the bride, Taffy, is a friend and, as such, Dahlia will support this...wedding. Truth be known, the werewolf best man is a true hottie. Maybe there is something to that whole animal attraction thing.

There's a fine line between tasteful and Tacky when it comes to weddings. Some would say crossing the interspecies line would fall on the tacky side, but they're just sticklers for tradition in Dahlia's mind, and she can say so since she used to be one of them.

For a lively and humorous walk on the wild side, join a pint-sized vampire Barbie and her large-sized Ken hairball...er, doll, as they see about planning a wedding.

A Hard Days Night-Searcher - Sherrilyn Kenyon
New Orleans - Present Day

It's against the rules for Squires and Dark-Hunters to fraternize, but that doesn't stop Raphael Santiago from lusting after the lovely Celena. When Jeff, his own Squire, flouts the Council's rules by writing a fictional vampire book based on the Dark-Hunters, Raphael uses the opportunity to spend a little time with Celena, diverting her from tracking Jeff down and rending him limb from limb. But Celena is a stickler for the rules, even if Raphael isn't. Can he convince the beautiful lady that some rules are meant to be broken?

Sweet, funny, and deliciously erotic, A Hard Days Night-Searcher will make you laugh, cry, and sweat in a few short pages. Sherrilyn Kenyon, once again, offers up an enticing tale with two fantastic characters that readers will fall in love with.

"...Or Forever Hold Your Peace" - Susan Krinard
Albion (An alternative Victorian England)

Weddings are always an exciting time and never more so when someone interrupts the ceremony. Lady Olivia Dowling, her friend Christopher Meredith (Kit), and the rest of the guests are flabbergasted by the untimely intrusion and then sudden death of the intruder moments later. Determined to help the bride and groom, Lady Olivia and Kit start investigating and are immediately embroiled in a mystery with political implications. Will they ferret out the truth before death befalls them all?

Using their mystical powers, Kit and Olivia race into another adventure, one that isn't what it appears to be. Although I'm not familiar with this series, the characters are engaging and the tale well-written. Humor, action, and adventure are the hallmarks of a Susan Krinard story, and "...Or Forever Hold Your Peace" has them all.

With highly entertaining tales that will tickle your funny bone from some of your favorite authors, MY BIG FAT SUPERNATURAL WEDDING is an absolute must-read. Highlighting the key rituals to the ceremony, including the wedding singer and planner, and adding a paranormal twist, is ingenious. Although there are a few stories in the collection that readers will benefit from having read the previous books in the series, all in all, these gems stand on their own.

Kathy Samuels

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