Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Bad Girl winner is... and an Exclusive giveaway!!!

The winner of BAD GIRL is.....Jennifer Y!!!!!!!!

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Newest giveaway is....

EXCLUSIVE anthology featuring Eden Bradley, Jaci Burton, and Lisa Renee Jones!
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Here is a copy of the review RRTErotic posted on EXCLUSIVE:

EXCLUSIVE - Eden Bradley, Jaci Burton, Lisa Renee Jones
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-21707-8
September 2007
Erotic Anthology – Contemporary

Sanctuary - Eden Bradley
San Francisco, California - Present Day

A night out with her friend has Devin visiting Club X on fetish night. Devin has never been one to play bondage games, but watching the girls tied up in the Ring being punished turns Devin on. When the Dominant who had been punishing the girl stops in front of Devin, introduces himself as Shaye and invites her to play, a part of her is tempted. Another part of her can’t imagine giving up control to anyone. As much as she’d like to forget Shaye, she can’t, and a week later she goes to the club again. When Shaye invites her to join him in the Ring this time, will Devin even want to say no?

SANCTUARY is one woman’s exploration of the BDSM scene. Devin is surprised by her desire to submit to Shaye, as she’s a woman who has been the one in control her whole life. Shaye is also surprised by Devin. He enjoys working at the club on weekends and initiating young women into the BDSM scene, but there’s something more to what he feels with Devin. An enticing tale, SANCTUARY is a nice start to the anthology.

Wild Nights - Jaci Burton
Las Vegas, Nevada - Present Day

Now that the conference that brought Mike Nottingham to Las Vegas is over, he plans to take a little vacation before heading back to his veterinary practice in Oklahoma. A friend has given him an invitation to a private club called Wild Nights, and Mike hopes that the sex club can spice up what has been lately a fairly humdrum sex life. He had been intrigued by his friend’s description of the owner, but after meeting Grace Wylde, Mike knows that he has to have her for himself.

Grace is used to men hitting on her in her club, and she assumes that Mike will just be another in a long line of men to strike out with her. But then, Mike ignores her She can tell that he’s attracted, and the fact that he isn’t pushing to spend time with Grace intrigues her. Though she had planned to brush off any advances that the handsome man made to her, now Grace finds herself determined to play with Mike.

A sexy story, WILD NIGHTS features two people who find out that they have a lot in common, and not just in the bedroom. While their play is erotic, they also take the time to know each other, making it easy to believe that a romance between them could happen so quickly.

Purple Magic - Lisa Renee Jones
New York City, New York - Present Day

To save her best friend from the vampire underground, half-vampire half-human Jolene Morrison is willing to do whatever it takes – even if that means giving herself in exchange. But in order to gain access to the club where Carrie went missing, Jolene needs the help of the Slayer and vampire, Drago.

Drago has been working undercover for two years to bring down Alex, a vampire who owns a sex club and is kidnapping human women to turn them into sex slaves, and he’s not about to let Jolene blow his cover when he’s so close to his goal. Not even realizing that Jolene is his mate. But when Jolene later arrives at the club, Drago knows that he will have to act fast or Alex will enslave her.

With a little darker tone than the other two stories, PURPLE MAGIC adds a bit of suspense to the anthology. Carrie is more than Jolene’s best friend; she’s the only family Jolene feels she can count on. Her father is a Slayer also, and has never been available when Jolene has needed him. She understands enough about Slayers to know that Drago should be duty-bound to help her because she is the daughter of a Slayer, but is she willing to trust him completely?

Three talented authors bring us three very different erotic stories in EXCLUSIVE. Though they each feature scenes in a sex club, they also showcase the variety of experiences that can be enjoyed, yet each tale also focuses on the romance between the characters as well as the sex. With a little something for everyone, EXCLUSIVE is sure to please.

Jennifer Bishop


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"Exclusive" sounds HOT HOT HOT!!
I haven't read any of the author's previous works so I'd love the opportunity!! All of the excerpts were great!

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Congrats Jennifer Y!!! Exclusive sounds great!

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Congrats Jennifer! This sounds like a great book.

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thanks for sharing.. Jolene

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Sounds like another great book from 3 great authors!

Rhonda :-)

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