Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ask Five with....Kate Rothwell/Summer Devon!!!!

Here is an author with a dual personality. Kate Rothwell writes historicals and other stories and her alter ego Summer Devon writes steamy erotic romances for Ellora's Cave and Samhain.

You can learn more about Kate/Summer at her webites:

Sit back and get to know our wonderful guest:

1. What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

The Knight's Challenge came out mid-September at Samhain. It's an ebook but should be part of an anthology in a few months. I had a lot of fun with that story. Sarkany is an acquisitive dragon who's taken human form. Instead of gathering the traditional cave of riches (although he has a couple of those, too) he's going after real estate. He's intrigued by one of the humans trying to drive him away and decides to accept her challenge, but only if she agrees to make herself the prize if he wins. It's the basic idea of knight versus dragon except that the knight is a woman, the story is set in a modern New England town--and the dragon is very sensual. He appreciates human skin.

2. How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

Ideas come from all sorts of places. For my first book, Somebody Wonderful (written as Kate Rothwell) first a description in Harpo Marx's autobiography stuck in my mind--of how NYC cops would pound the street curb with their night sticks to summon help. At some point I think I'd wondered what it would be like to have a name that was a racial slur and that was how I came up with Mick, the NYC cop.

I was flipping through my husband's text book--he teaches college biology--and came upon a section about pheromones. That inspired the story "Perfection."

For my latest release, "The Knight's Challenge," I drew on the many stories of dragons I'd read when I was a kid. I have to admit the real inspiration for that came from a call the editor put out for dragon novellas.

I'd say the only thing I've written that has elements of personal experience is "Direct Deposit," which touches on infertility. We went through five years of trying to have kids (we ended up with three boys). I never would have guessed that knowing about those dreary tests would come in handy some day for writing hot romance. And actually that story was inspired by Lynn Cash asking friends if we wanted to write a bunch of stories about a sperm donor clinic. She also came up with the Shrink Wrapped series. The stories in each of the series are connected but all the novellas work as stand-alone stories, too.

3. Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

Well, for a couple of the Summer stories, obviously I have to say Lynn. I also love Linda Gayle who's been a wonderful friend and critiquer. The group I count on for decompression and laughs is Romance Unleashed, writers like Caroline Linden, Sally MacKenzie, Laura Drewry, Paula Reed, Teresa Bodwell, Eve Silver, Lori Devoti and others. (Hey, it's a long list and I didn't even mention Sandy, Flo, June or Pam) I also get help from Bonnie Dee and other writers whose work I admire a lot.

4. Any advice can you give aspiring writers?

Keep your hands on the keyboard. Write. Write. Don't take anything outside the writing too seriously or it'll affect the most important part--the writing.

5. What's coming up next for you?

I'm still working on Summer Devon stories, which are erotic romance. They are a lot of fun to write and sell well. But I'm hoping to sell more Kate Rothwell historicals, too. A couple are still out there, making the rounds on editors' desks! At least the quality and tone of the rejection letters has improved over the years. My current favorite is the story I'm working on. It's a reverse on the madwoman in the attic story. There's a madman held prisoner up there.



And as an added bonus, Kate/Summer is giving away to one winner a download of one of her ebooks written as Summer Devon!
Post away and she'll pick a winner on Sunday evening or thereabouts.

Have anything you want to ask Kate/Summer?

The ebook choices are: (sorry, ebooks only, no print books!)

Learning Charity
Revealing Skills
The Knight's Challenge

Ellora's Cave:
Invisible Touch (it stands alone but is part of the "shrink wrapped" series)


Jennifer Y. said...

I really enjoy Kate/Summer's books.

I certainly hope more of Kate's books sell, but if all we get are Summmer stories, I'd be satisfied with that as well.

I was wondering if it was difficult making the transition between writing the Kate books and the Summer books? The settings and the sensuality of them differ a bit and made me curious...ever have to tone something down or steam something depending on which book you were writing?

Pam P said...

Kate, your dragon story sounds good, especially being modern day - can't think of any romances with a dragon that wasn't historical.

I really wish someone would give you a contract for "Kate" - both of those were so good. I'll cross my fingers for you again.

acdaisy95 said...

Knights Challenge sounds like an interesting book! Thanks for the interview.

Laurie G said...

I like the connection between your husband's biology teaching and the pheromones found in your book "Perfection".
Did you major in English or take any special writing classes?
How where you discovered?
I haven't read any of your books bUT they all sound quite interesting!!

Anonymous said...

Love your Kate books and your Summer books and I'm dying to read the madman in the attic story...please tell me it's a gothic...pretty please...

Kate said...

Hi guys!
jennifer y! THE Jennifer.
I have a much harder time writing as Summer.

With most stories, I have an outline in my brain, but with hotter stories, I have to outline the rise (heh), the storyline of the sex, too. And I have to find new ways to say heat, desire etc without sounding like I went thesaurus-diving.

Pam (and everyone who said they like my stuff), thank you, thank you. I just got ANOTHER rejection so I need that.

Thanks for stopping by acdaisy!

Laurie, back before I discovered romance, I was a total snob. My degrees are in art and journalism and I took fiction writing seminars--none of which helped my work, much. I wrote literary fiction (even had some stuff published in a couple of now-defunct journals) and I worked as a journalist for small-town papers and magazines.

When I started writing romance seriously, I learned more in a couple of years of hanging around RWA than all the fancy-pants seminars I took before.

Hey that's EVE SILVER, BEST-SELLING AUTHOR!! Her book hit the lists! (Demon's Kiss, right? Even though the release is supposed to be November? Yay Eve! And Eve's Eve Kenin Shomi book absolutely rocks. About your question, um, not really gothic, no. I love to read it, but my voice doesn't seem to work pitched so deep. And with writers like you around, the world doesn't need me to do gothic.

Cathy M said...

I have read and really enjoyed, Future Love and Invisible Touch. Have Perfection on my EC wish list and would love to read it.

Jodi said...

I just checked out your website. I found a couple of books that I'm interested in reading and they've gone on my wish list!

Kate said...

Hi Cathy and Jodi!

Unfortunately my website is badly out of date. My webqueen, bec, is off being the mother of a newborn so I'm supposed to play with it myself. Last time I tried that I accidentally dumped my whole blog so I'm kind of scared of html...

Patti said...

Poor Kate...I hope your webqueen is soon back to updating.

I've heard historicals are making a comeback, but they're more edgy, erotic.
In the meantime, us readers are enjoying the Summer Devon stories. :D

How does your family feel about your books, especially the more steamier ones?

Kate said...

I have three boys and they're perpetually embarrassed by me anyway--embarrassing them is my job--but this just adds a whole layer of pain.

Actually my kids are pretty dismissive, calling my writing "junk"--but being dismissive is their job.

My husband still hasn't read any of my books but he was really proud when my first book came out. And he wasn't afraid to show it! If you go to the bottom of that link you'll see what I mean.

CrystalGB said...

Hi Kate/Summer! I haven't read any on your books but I want to now. :)

blessedheart said...

I have read some of your work by Summer Devon and I really enjoyed the stories. Do you have a MySopace page!

Rhonda :-)

Kate said...

Hi Crystal and Rhonda
thanks for stopping by (and thanks for the compliment, Rhonda. Always nice to hear. Heck I even like the "I really enjoyed the stories *except* this part...." remarks.)

My myspace page is

and my regular blog is