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A Perfect 10: SAFE HARBOR by Christine Feehan

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SAFE HARBOR – Christine Feehan
A Perfect 10
Drake Sisters Series
ISBN: 978-0-515-14318-8
July 2007
Paranormal Romance

Sea Haven, California and New York City – Present Day

It’s here! The story you’ve been waiting for -- Hannah and Jonas. And all I can say is -- WOW! What a story! More than you ever expected for the Drake series.

After leaving the army rangers, Jonas and his partner, Jackson, worked as undercover agents for the defense department. They retired and returned to Sea Haven, Jonas’s hometown. Jonas was elected sheriff and named Jackson his deputy. Jonas has known the Drake sisters since he was a small boy, went to school with them and grew up feeling they were his family. He’s had special feelings for Hannah since he was ten years old and always felt she was HIS. Jonas always took on the role of protector, known as being bossy and arrogant. He’s a manly man (his words), an old fashioned macho guy with physique, looks, and manners to match. What no one knows is just how vulnerable he is because he hides that side of his personality. Jonas feels sorry for those hurting, even families of the criminals he has had to shoot. These are parts of his personality that are revealed in SAFE HARBOR.

SAFE HARBOR opens where DANGEROUS TIDES, the previous title in the series, ended. It has only been weeks since Hannah sat at Jonas’s side using her special powers to help him heal from a critical gunshot wound. The experience left Hannah pale and exhausted. Before either of them recovers from that incident, Duncan Gray calls in a favor. Gray is Jonas and Jackson’s former boss from the U. S. Defense Department. Believing the request is a simple recon job to film a meeting of two Russian mobs, the duo agrees to take the assignment. Nothing turns out as simple as they think. The Department has an undercover Russian spy, and he sets them up to be killed. If the film gets back to the Defense Department, the mob will be destroyed. As soon as the spy shows, up the mob scatters and shots are fired. Jonas is hit twice and bleeds profusely. The only reason he is still standing is because he knows if he falls, Jackson will also die. Jackson is even more determined than Jonas, and he is pushing hard to keep his partner alive. Jonas doesn’t think he’s going to make it and, though he hates having to do it, he uses his telepathic route to call Hannah.

Hannah knows Jonas is in trouble. She can feel it in her bones. He needs her. She can’t help until she knows where he is. The minute she hears him, she calls on the wind and sends a tornado to keep the mob away and to help Jackson get Jonas up a ladder and over the rooftop. As soon as they are clear, Jonas blacks out and falls unconscious. He wakes up in a hospital with Jackson’s all-seeing eyes watching. The doctor hardly finishes stitching Jonas when the Russians appear, and once more it’s a shootout. Gray’s men come on the scene and Jonas and Jackson are able to get out alive once again. Hannah is furious with Jonas because he promised he would not take another dangerous assignment. He is supposed to work as sheriff in the small town of Sea Haven and be safe! She was all alone during this latest mission with none of her sisters to help keep him safe or assist in healing him, and she has some choice words of her own for Jonas.

Hannah and Jonas are true opposites, and their attraction to each other is beyond strong; it’s indescribable. They’ve loved for so long it has become a need, but neither is willing to share their true feelings. Jonas, always the protector, hates Hannah’s job as a top fashion model. He rages when other men even look at her. Jealous isn’t a word that even touches the way he feels. He’s very dominating and demanding and wants to claim Hannah as his own. It’s only his deep love and understanding that keep him calm enough to hide his anger from her, most of the time, that is. When they finally do share their feelings, the result is an explosion! Jonas considers it a done deal, and all he can think about is having Hannah and making her HIS forever.

SAFE HARBOR is a highly emotional love story, but also one packed with more action and suspense than any previous Drake series tale. This is Jonas and Hannah's story, but all of the sisters play a large part, sharing their love for each other and Jonas. Jackson and Ilya Prakenskii have larger parts than in previous stories, and they make it known which sister they lay claim to. The sisters' humor comes out as they have a little fun with them. I can't wait to see these strong, domineering men meet their matches in Jolie and Elle. I know followers of the Drake series have been waiting for SAFE HARBOR. It's difficult not to give spoilers because there is so much to tell. But I can promise you will be thrilled by the time you reach the end. By then you'll know Hannah and Jonas inside and out, and if you didn't love them before, you will now. Don't even think of missing this one. It's absolutely terrific and quite deserving of a Perfect 10!

Carol Carter

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