Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Spotlight Review...TEMPT ME TONIGHT!

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Avon Red (Trade Paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-113609-2
ISBN-10: 0-06-113609-3
June 2007
Contemporary Romance

Eden, Indiana – Present Day

Trish Henderson left her hometown of Eden fourteen years ago for college, leaving behind her boyfriend, Joe Ramsey, whom she dumped when she couldn’t give him what he wanted and he sought it elsewhere in the arms of another woman. Now a successful attorney, Trish has returned to Eden to help facilitate the sale of her parents' restaurant. Her intentions are to do it quickly and leave town before she comes face to face with Joe. But fate has another idea.

Joe tried to put his feelings for Trish behind him. He knows what he did was stupid, but he’s matured. When Trish waltzes into the bar, his heart does a somersault. She’s all grown up and sophisticated…and just as beautiful as ever. But why would city girl Trish now want to look at small town guy Joe?

At first, Trish tries to ignore her continued feelings for Joe, but then she changes her mind. She decides, instead, to make up for the night they never had fourteen years ago.

Reunited lovers/friends always makes an appealing story and in TEMPT ME TONIGHT, the couple doesn’t have to go through the discovery phase of getting to know each other. Instead, the smoldering heat between Joe and Trish is real when they meet again. In their case, love never died, it only hibernated. Joe is still as sexy as sin and bad as ever (at least in straight-laced Trish’s mind) so he should be off limits for her. But she can’t resist a little taste of what she missed by not having sex with Joe all those years ago, plus exact a bit of revenge by walking away from him when it’s over. Alas, once may not be enough…

Joe has tried to live down his bad boy reputation, but it’s hard to do with the past providing haunting memories for him. In fact, he’s really respected by those around him, though one look at Trish has him ready to grab her and show her his wild side. Once these two get together, the fireworks shoot off, as the attraction burns hotter than a volcano. Hmm…will they ever get enough of each other…and be able to walk away, their hearts unscathed?

Small town life, teen sweethearts who never got over each other, along with some super spicy love scenes are only a part of TEMPT ME TONIGHT. Toni Blake proves once again she’s a master at blending memorable characters with a page-turning plot in a book I can highly recommend. Just a bit of advice from me: Be prepared to finish this book in one sitting as, once you pick up TEMPT ME TONIGHT, you won’t want to put it down.

Patti Fischer

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