Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ask Five with...Dakota Cassidy...and a giveaway!

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Meet an author who will definitely entertain you...

Dakota Cassidy

She's smart, funny and totally a cool babe.

And she's going to not only spend the weekend chatting with you, but she is giving away a cool prize:

A Summer Pack, a prize package with Yankee Candles, booze mix and books!

Just post a comment and you'll be entered in the drawing to win this fabulous prize. Entering should be easy, since Dakota will be popping in to chat with us!

In the meantime, meet Dakota:

1. What is the title of your latest release and what is it about?

My latest release won't be out until Feb 08 from Berkley Sensation and it's called The Accidental Werewolf. It's about Marty Andrews, a multi-level cosmetic saleswoman (think Mary Kay-but I called it Bobbie-Sue). She's a wee bit rabid about cosmetic color wheels of life and her color aura. Marty's uber-ambitious a little self-absorbed and she's managed to work her way up the color ladder to the esteemed color of lavender when her dreams of cosmetic greatness come to a screeching halt.

One night, while Marty and her two pathetic Bobbie-Sue recruits Wanda and Nina are out walking Marty's teacup poodle, Muffin, the girls spot a big dog. So does Muffin, who, being territorial like small dogs can be, violently attacks what she clearly feels is a threat to Marty.

In the melee, Marty manages to drag Muffin off the poor, unsuspecting beast. However, in the process, she's "accidentally" bitten by what she assumes is a dog. It really is just a little nip

A week later and some crazy stuff is goin' down in her world. Marty's hair is changing color by the day. Immersing herself in a vat of wax wouldn't be enough to control the hair growth on her legs and her anger management skills have gone the way of the Doh-Doh Bird. Her emotions are out of control, something Marty isn't used to.

Enter Keegan Flaherty--The dog who accidentally bit Marty, but really isn't just any old dog. He's a shape shifter. A shape shifter who's delish, by the way. He offers apologies and guidance to the ways of a the lycanthropic. Marty wants nothing to do with the smokin' hunk and his crazy stories about her now being a werewolf. In fact, she doesn't believe any of her troubles can't be cleared up with a bottle of Miss Clairol and a gallon of wax.

That is until she's kidnapped and her emotions, her anger especially leave her with the strength of the Bionic Woman. Oh, and a fuzzy nub of a tail poking out from her backside...

2. How do your stories come to you? Complete with just the details to fill in, or is it a character who starts the whole thing rolling?

Usually it's a title that comes to me first--or an idea/concept. I love, love, love the ironic. My favorite path is the path of the outrageous. Once I have those elements, then I decide what kind of characters would best handle my insanity. LOL

3. Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

Oh, wow--a bunch of them. Mostly they're authors who've sort of taken me under their wings and guided me through this writing thing. Primarily, Sahara Kelly, who encouraged me to send my first book in to an e-pub. Kate Douglas, Angela Knight, Margaret Riley, Michelle Hoppe, Isabella Jordon and Renee George, are just a few who've been supportive beyond words and kept encouraging me.

4. You write such a variety of genres...which is your favorite?

I think it's the one I'm in at the time. LOL. I want to dabble in them ALL and I think I'm pretty close. Though I'd really love to write some pirates, demons and mermaids. Not all in one book (though that could be a real freak-fest, huh?), mind you. LOL

5. Looking in your crystal ball, what can readers look forward to from you?

The Accidental Immortal comes out in July 08 from Berkley Sensation. This book is based on Marty's friend, Nina Blackman. An ex-Bobbie-Sue recruit who goes off to become a hygienist in a government sponsored re-training program. Nina's first day on the job leaves her bitten by a vampire. While Nina knows the paranormal exist because of her friend Marty, she refuses to take the path of denial Marty took and there's no way she's staying a vampire. S she goers on a quest to find the patient that bit her so he can turn her back into a human...

And he's hawt.

And then, all HELL breaks loose.

You can visit Dakota's website at

Thanks, Dakota! The winner will be chosen Sunday evening!


Anonymous said...

WOW werewolves then vampires....cant wait to read them or the mermaid pirate one ;)


Dakota Cassidy said...

LOLLOLLOLLOL--could be a good book, huh, Mo?

Thanks for popping in.

DC :)

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to The Accidental Werewolf and The Accidental Vampire, just wish we didn't have to wait so long! I love your wacky humor. :)

Dakota Cassidy said...

Thank you, thank you, Cynthia!

DC :)

Anonymous said...

well done Miss Dakota! (G)

Terri said...

You PROMO HO !!! You are all over the place. You should really start your Presidential Campaign with all the Ho'ing you are doing :) LURVE YA !!!


annalisa said...

Hello Dakota!!!

The Accidental Werewolf and the Accidental Vampire both sound fabulous! Vamps and Weres are two of my favorite kinds of books. I'll be looking forward to reading them! :)

C. Y. said...

Accidental Werewolf and Accidental Vampire are definitely on my TBR list!

And wonder how cute would the hero finds Marty's "tail".

Candy said...

Hi Dakota! Any more Wolf Mates stories coming in the future?
Candy Bezner

Jaynie R said...

OMG it's that promo ho Dakota Cassidy *snerk*

hey babe - I want the pirate/demon/mermaid story please.

Pam said...

Hi Dakota, I can't believe your outrageous self couldn't handle a mermaid siren, a demon shark and a lusty pirate, lol.

Jodi said...

Another great interview.
I'll have to put the Accidental books on my TBB list.

realllybadbarb said...

hey Dakota!!!

I cannot wait to read the Accidental books. :) Having seen Mary Kay people before I know I will be laughing hysterically. :)

Movahdo said...

The Promo Ho strikes again! I luv that you have no shame... now write faster!
Babes Forever,

Bonita said...

As Dakota's "second fan," (Joy, of course, is first) I always love to hear about coming books. These two I can not wait to get. With her quirky sense-of-humour, Dakota's stories make me laugh out loud and hope for more, more, more.

CrystalG said...

Hi Dakota. Great interview. The Accidental Werewolf and The Accidental Vampire sound great. I am big paranormal fan.

nascarandbeans said...

Just got up and read your email saying you were blogging again today... so i had to come bug ya some and of course barbs here so even more fun to lurk.. hehe... so whats new today? the book sounds wonderful... as always ..
ps.. we would never bang ya for being a promo

Anonymous said...

WooHoo more great reads upcoming from you will be waiting patiently for them!

Wishing us all a wonderful weekend,

Donna P.

Rachelle said...

you start with a title? that's really hard, yah know.. you seem like a fun person to read. i'd love to get a chance to read your books.

Anonymous said...

Hi, sounds like a great contest!

Anonymous said...

Hi, sounds like a great contest!!

Joye said...

I've read a couple of your books and have enjoyed them. I like your style of writing.
Have a nice summer

Barb V. said...

Great interview. I, of course, needed another author to add to my watch list. LOL. Will definitely be picking up both of the Accidental books.

Melissa said...

Hey, you are a very busy women. Where do you find the time.

Any suggested reads while I wait for February to arrive?

Daun Ann said...

Dakota, you're turning into such a promo ho. hehe. At least you could have a book ready to realease NOW when you do this. I CAN'T WAIT TILL JAN 08 & JUL 08. boooo hoooo. I don't think I can wait that long for my 'Kota fix.

I so can't wait to read your Accidental series. Lurved your Wolf Mates series.

From your #5 fan, Daun Ann.

Erin the Innocent said...

Ooooh a Were-shark pirate (well he'd need some sort of job to keep him near the water!) and a mermaid story!

Jeanette J said...

And to think, I used to be scared of werewolves a vampires.

sshearouse1 said...

Hi, again, Dakota!! I'm SOOO looking forward to Accidental Werewolf! It looks like a great book!
Sharon :)

Stacia said...

Dakota's books look so good. Can't wait to start reading her. I've added her to my TBB list. Thanks for the interview!

Laura said...

Hi Dakota!
I was wondering if when you begin a book you always know beforehand how the story will end?

Dakota Cassidy said...

Lisa--thank you!

Ter--sigh--I'm becoming rather adept at this, yes?

Annalisa--thanks for coming by again!

CY--ooooh, just wait and see. LOL

Candy--I dunno, doll. I'm pretty tied up right now, but never say never :)

Jaynie--curtsy :)

Pam--I think I'd like a demon pirate who was a Navy Seal, who's woman ran off with a Sheik and had twins. Yes? Snort

Jodi and barb--thank you!

Belinda--thank you, thank you. I'll see if I can borrow some more hands :)

Bonita--who lubs ya?

Cyrstal-Nascarandbeans--you chica's rule!


Rachelle--yep--that's almost always what comes first. I don't know why, it's just the way.

Anon--thanks :)

Joy and Barb V--I appreciate it :)

hey, melissa--I'll go out on a limb and suggest Wolfmates--it's available at Changeling Press. It's an e-book and also available in print. Maybe it's a Vampire Thing, too :)

Daun Ann--you da best. Thank you :)

Oh, jeanette--forgetaboutit. My vamps and weres are anything but scary!

Sshearouse1--thank you!

Stacia--wellllll, just make sure you're drinking when you read them. I'm a riot after a six pack. LOLLOL

laura--nope, mostly I don't. However, as of late, because I've been writing proposals, which are outlines of a book, it's gotten easier for me. I normally just write and see what happens :)

Thanks, everyone!

Dakota :)

anne said...

Your Accidental books sound so great! Interesting and wonderful interview which gives me info. on your writing and books.

ellie said...

Intriguing books which I will definitely be reading this summer. Love the entire concept. Best of luck.

Michelle said...

Hey Dakota,

Another great interview, Babe. Congrats on getting that Promo Ho thing going ~eg~!!

sharon said...

fabulous interview. Love the entire Accidental books. Entertaining and interesting.

diane said...

Hi, Dakota, Love the entire idea of the Accidental books. Your interview has sparked interest in reading these, thanks so much.

Jenna-Lynn said...

i love your books, theres not too many good books out there that can that get me sooo hooked that i laugh out loud in my room. i think my roommates think im crazy lol. cant wait for the upcmoming immortals, will there be a book for wanda too? thanks for writing, it makes my day a lot easier when i know i have one of your books waiting at home for me after work :D

Shannon I said...

Sound like a great book!

annie said...

Your Accidental Books sound so appealing. Thanks for the great interview. learned so much. Will be reading your books.

caitymack said...

Love your humor and can't wait to read your new titles.

Maureen said...

Your new book sounds like a fun one.

Julie said...

sounds like a fun book!

foxyllady said...

Both The Accidental Werewolf and the Accidental Vampire sound like they will be great reads. I will be adding them both to my TBB list. Love to read about shifshapers of all kinds. Love the interview.

Pamk said...

Just wanted to pop and say and I love your books.

GLENNA said...

Wow these sound like great reads. Love the vamps. Great interview too by the way.

Pam A said...

Sounds like a wonderful read! It's been added to my list :)

Serena said...

BOOZE AND OPEN FLAMES!!! YAY, sounds like something in one of your books *wink*

Definitely gotta check out your little 'Accident' when it's out and about.

blackroze37 said...

i have several of your books, i love your sense of humor and the women, well the men(hunky!WOOHOO sounded men!) too (wicked grin here)

thank for letting know about the contest! please enter me

alissa said...

Thanks for the fun interview which I enjoyed. I will be looking for your humorous and entertaining books. they sound unique.

Anonymous said...

Your books sound great. I've just started reading paranormals this year. Looking forward to finding some new ones to try.

Stacy S

Donna said...


Gotta love your sense of humor, twiste though it may be.


jennybrat said...

Can't wait for the release of The Accidental Immortal!

Dakota Cassidy said...

Ann, Ellie, Michelle, Sharon and Diane--thank you :) I'm so glad you dropped by!

Jenna Lynn--there's nothing like making people think her a loon, eh? LOL. Awesome to hear :)

Shannon, Annie, Caitymack, Maureen and Juli--thank you for coming and saying hello

Julie, foxylady, pam K and pam A--ya'll rule for saying such nice things :)

Serena--Lmao. it does sound like one of my books :)

Blackroze37--color yourself entered.

Alissa, Stacy S--I hope you do take a peek :)
Donna-- are you calling me twisted? GASP. No. Way. LMAO

jennybrat--thank you!

Marilyn W said...

Can't wait.. Thanks for inviting me.

escondita said...

Hi, Dakota! I just got to my emails (Thursday's AND Friday's---real life has been busy) and saw you were out "ho'ing" again--we gotta get you a garden, girl! *wink*

Verse for the day:

Our girlfriend Dakota's a "ho"--
Just can't miss a chance to promo!
But her guys are so sweet
When she turns up the heat
She leaves us all panting for mo'!


Think I'll go hunt my man... *evil grin*

Julia/ escondita

LadyVampire said...

Your one of my favorite authors Dakota. You always put that special something extra in your work and I really look forward to each new book you write. The Accidental Immortal sounds like another great book of yours and I am definitely looking forward to reading it.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Dakota! Keep up the good work.I love your books!

Anonymous said...

Just stopped by to say HI! And I agree with all the others...Feb 08 is just too long to wait!

Barbara...who used to sell home party cosmetics

Phyllis said...

I loved the interview, but you are always funny! Can't wait for the new stories, they are going on my TBB list for sure.

Anonymous said...

That sounds really great. Powers like the Bionic Woman?! Cool. They're coming out with a new version on NBC (I think). Sometime this fall.

Dakota Cassidy said...

Marylin--thank you for hanging out with me and saying hello!

julie--you crack me the hell up! LOl Thanks again :)

Lady Vampire--many, many thanks for the love :)


Barb--I know you--thank you!

Phylli--you RULE!

Thanks to all who've popped in!

Dakota :)

Dakota Cassidy said...

Oh, maria--I know. I'm looking forward to it! I dug the Bionic Woman as a kid :)

DC :)

Robin Snodgrass said...

Another great interview! You are always so entertaining and I love starting my day with you. :)
Can't wait for Feb 2008 -- do you need an advance review?? Hint *G*
Robin S.

Kimberly L said...

Hi Dakota. Great interview. Just think a week and a half from now we'll be shooting fireworks. So not readyfor that.

Cherie J said...

Hi Dakota,

Great interview! They are always such fun to read.

hotmama said...

Oh Dakota it's tough to wait for '08
This sounds like a great story, can't wait to read it.

Kimberly Burton said...

Anything that Dakota writes is a wonderful read! I highly suggest buying any of her books!

I miss you, Dakota!


Kimberly B.

BethRe said...

I am really into werewolf stories lately, sorry to pop in so late

Dakota Cassidy said...

Robin? if ya e-mail me, I'll have my publicist send ya an ARC for review :)

Kim L, Cheri J and hotmama--thank you!
Kim B!! How are ya? Miss you too, babe :)

Bethre--no prob and thanks for dropping in :)

Thanks to ALL who popped in and said hello--I appreciate the support--always :)Thank you to Pati too!

Dakota :)