Monday, April 02, 2007

Spotlight Review...Take Me Tonight by Roxanne St. Claire

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TAKE ME TONIGHT - Roxanne St. Claire
Bullet Catchers, Book 3
Pocket Star
ISBN-13: 978-1-4165-2186-0
ISBN-10: 1-4165-2186-0
April 2007
Romantic Suspense

Boston, Massachusetts - Present Day

As a member of the Bullet Catchers, an elite security firm headed by Lucy Sharpe, Johnny Christiano owes his life to Lucy. He is trustworthy, loyal and never questions her authority. Now he is going to face his toughest assignment, guarding Lucy's niece, Sage Valentine, as she tries to find out if her roommate, Keisha Kingston, really committed suicide. Guarding Sage won't be the problem, but Johnny doesn't know the relationship between Sage and Lucy, and is sure this assignment will be a quick in and out job.

Sage is an investigative reporter, and after her Aunt Lucy refuses to help her, this merely slows her down a little bit. The supposed suicide of Keisha seems to start with, a web site for women who want a pretend kidnapping and to pick their own rescuer from the men available. As Johnny first finds Sage, she has signed up and is about to get "kidnapped" and hopes to interview someone who knew something about Keisha. Sage is about to meet a rescuer who puts all the others to shame.

While Johnny tries to protect Sage, and she is determined to investigate every aspect of Keisha's life, they are inexorably drawn together in every way, especially sexually. Well, with a hunk like Johnny who has secrets in his life, but can cook like a dream, what do you expect?

Roxanne St. Claire has outdone herself in TAKE ME TONIGHT by ratcheting up the suspense and action of the Bullet Catcher series. With quick-paced writing and twists and turns behind every corner, Ms. St. Claire has pulled out all the stops, and you actually have to put TAKE ME TONIGHT down every once in awhile just to catch your breath.

There are enough secondary characters involved to run the gamut from creepy to beautiful. Among them are the members of the Snow Bunnies, a dance team for the local Boston basketball team, and Alonzo Garron, a doctor who gave Sage important information for a story, and then lost his high-ranking hospital job. Then there are Glenda and Julian Hewitt who are in charge of the dance team, and everything Glenda does with the team is mysterious and weird.

TAKE ME TONIGHT is a dark and suspenseful thriller with plenty of sexual tension. There are two other Bullet Catcher books, KILL ME TONIGHT and THRILL ME TO DEATH, each of which is a treat to read. This month, meet Sage and Johnny, a man and a woman who overcome trials and tribulations to reach a successful ending.

Carolyn Crisher


jackietoo said...

I love the Bullet Catchers!

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Roxanne's Take Me Tonight was incredible! Took my breath away as well and Johnny and Sage had such chemistry, didn't they?''Great review!