Sunday, January 07, 2007

Latest Reviews...and a Chocolate Giveaway!

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Terrie posted the first batch of reviews for 2007!

Reviews added January 2nd:

A LITTLE BIT WICKED - Victoria Alexander - 1854 - London, England - Carol - Historical Romance

A RATHER LOVELY INHERITANCE - C.A. BelMond - The Unexpected Adventures of An Incurable Romantic - A Perfect 10 - London, , England & the South of France - Jane - Contemporary Fiction

AETHEREAL'S PRIDE - Christopher W. Wilcox, SR. - Aethereal's Series, Book 4 - Paradise, the Ursar and Pride Worlds - Kathy - Science Fiction/Fantasy

AN IMPROPER ALLIANCE - Jane Toombs - 1817 - London, England - Lori - Historical Romance

BRIDE AND DOOM - Deborah Donnelly - A Carnegie Kincaid, Wedding Planner Mystery - Seattle, WA - Present Day - Jane - Cozy Mystery

DARK ANGEL - Lucy Blue - Bound in Darkness, Book 3 - Scottish Highlands, Middle Ages - Anthonette - Paranormal Romance

DEMON ANGEL - Meljean Brook - The Guardians, Book 2 - England - Medieval Times/ US - Present Day - Lori - Paranormal Romance

DESIRE NEVER DIES - Jenna Petersen - Lady Spy, Book 2 - 1813 - London, England - Carolyn - Historical Romance

FALCON'S HEART - Denise Lynn - 1143 - Normandy & England - Sandra - HH #833 - Historical Romance

FLY ME TO THE MOON - Alyson Noel - Various locations - Present Day - Diana - Chick Lit

FULL MOON RISING - Keri Arthur - Melbourne, Australia - Present Day - Courtney - Dark Urban Fantasy

GETTING WARMER - Carol Snow - Scottsdale, AZ - Present Day - Carolyn - Women's Fiction

GONE - Lisa Gardner - A Raine Conner/Pierce Quincy Novel - Tillamook County, OR - Present Day - Jane - Thriller

HEART OF HONOR - Kat Martin - 1842 - England & Draugr Island - Jani - Historical Romance

HELL'S BELLES - Jackie Kessler - Hell on Earth, Book 1 - Salem & Boston, MA; New York City, NY & Hell - Present Day - Lori - Paranormal Romance

HIS BOOTS UNDER HER BED - Ana Leigh - The Frasers, Book 3 - 1867 - Buckman & the California Gold Country - Diana - Historical Romance

HOWLING MOON - Cathy Clamp & C.T. Adams - Sazi series, Book 4 - Boulder, CO - Present Day - Kathy - Paranormal Romance

INTIMATE DECEPTIONS - Lise Fuller - Laredo, TX & Nuevo Laredo, NM - Marilyn - Romantic Suspense

LOVE IN THE FAST LANE - Jenna McKnight - St. Louis, MO - Jennifer - Contemporary Romance

NOT ANOTHER NEW YEAR'S - Christie Ridgeway - Coronado, CA - Patti - Contemporary Romance

NOT QUITE A BRIDE - Kirsten Sawyer - New York City, NY - Jennell - Contemporary Romance

RED QUEEN - Michelle L. Levigne - Red Queen Series, Book 1 - Alternative Ancient Greece - Robin - Paranormal Romance

RISING MOON - Lori Handeland - A Night Creature Novel, Book 6 - New Orleans, LA - Present Day - Sinclair - Paranormal Romance

SECRETS AND LIES - Selena Montgomery - South America - Present Day - Nickole - Romantic Suspense

SHADOW HUNTER - Linda Conrad - Night Guardian series - Four Corners Area - Navajo Reservation - Arizona - Marilyn - SIM #1450 - Series Romance

SURRENDER TO A SCOUNDREL - Julianne MacLean - American Heiresses, Book 5 - 1891 - Cowes, England- Amy - Historical Romance

SURVIVING DEMON ISLAND - Jaci Burton - Demon Island - Present Day - Jennifer - Romantic Suspense

THE AMERICAN TEMP AND THE BRITISH INSPECTOR - Pat White - Blackwell Mystery Series, Book 1 - Seattle, WA & Chicago, IL - Carolyn - HI # 968 - Series Romance

THE EARL'S SECRET - Terri Brisbin - Regency Era - London, England & Edinburgh, Scotland - Sandra - HH #831 - Historical Romance

THE FIRST PRINCESS OF WALES - Karen Harper - 14th Century - England & France - Jani - Historical Fiction- Romance

THE PERFECT KISS - Anne Gracie - Perfect series, Book 4 - 1826 - England - Jane - Historical Romance

THE RAVENSCAR DYNASTY - Barbara Taylor Bradford - The Ravenscar Saga, Book 1 - 1904 - 1918 - Yorkshire & London, England - Diana - 20th Century Historical Fiction

THE SCHOOL FOR HEIRESSES - S. Jeffries/ L. Carlyle / J. London/ R. Bernard - Jane - Anthology - Historical Romance

THE SEX ON THE BEACH BOOK CLUB - Jennifer Apodaca - Goleta, CA - Lisa - Contemporary Romance

THESE THREE REMAIN - Pamela Aidan - A Novel of Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman - Regency Era - England - Jani - Regency Romance

VEIL OF ROSES - Laura Fitzgerald - Tucson, AZ - Lisa - Contemporary Fiction

WILD AND WICKED IN SCOTLAND - Melody Thomas - 1874 - England & Scotland - Sandra - Historical Romance

WINDHEALER - Charlotte Boyett-Compo - The WindLegends Saga, Book 4 - Tyber's Island & the Country of Chrystallus - an alternate world - Robin - Dark Fantasy


Now...for the giveaway. This week, I'm giving away a box of chocolates. That's right, a box of chocolates from Lindt. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting All you need to do is post a comment and you will be entered to win. What shall you say?

How about...what author would you most like to meet in person?

The contest will run until Thursday night at midnight (eastern time)


kim h said...

i would love to meet leslie kelly and vicki thompson, love their books

Jodi said...

Just one author? Yeah right! LOL
I would love to meet Lori Foster (after all, she is the one that got me hooked on romance books), Lucy Monroe, all of the Scamps & Vamps authors, and CJ England.

Maureen said...

I would pick Jill Shalvis. Her blog always makes me smile and I like her books so I think it would be a pleasure to meet her.

Anonymous said...

Because of Lori and Dianne's Get-Together in June, I've already met some fabulous authors, and have met by chatting online on the various loops.

The one I would like to meet and that I've never talked to online is Sandra Hill. Her books combine all things I like, sweet, sexy, humorous, and steamy!

Unknown said...

Lora Leigh or Linda Howard

CrystalGB said...

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Mimmi said...

Linda Howard. I've been lucky, and met quite a few of my favorite authors, but have never even seen where Linda does book signings, or even has a website. I would SO love to meet her, and have her sign my books...the woman is amazing!!

Mimmi said...

Jodi~did you know Lori has a get together every year, to? And she is wonderful in person. You should check it out! I've only been to the Readers Retreat once, but I've met her several times and she is wonderful, just a normal, fun to be around person.

alissa said...

I would love to meet Mary Doria Russell. She is a great author and extremely knowledgeable and interesting. It would be fascinating to speak to her.

ellie said...

It would be wonderful to meet and speak to jenna Blum. Her background and novel is extraordinary and it would provide me with insight into her writing.

joelle said...

Jennifer Haigh would be my choice. I have enjoyed all of her novels and this would be an enjoyable visit.

pearl said...

What an opportunity to be able to meet Emilie Richards. I have read all her books and enjoy them thoroughly.

traveler said...

what a great idea! I would look forward to a chance to meet Riley Weston. She is extremely talented and interesting as well as sweet. Her novel is fabulous.

sharon said...

If I had the chance to meet an author it would have to be Julie Garwood. Her books are remarkable and I would love the chance to converse.

principessa said...

If I could meet with Kat martin that would be a real experience. Her books have been a pleasure to read.

Wolfy said...

I would love a chance to meed Emilie Richrds - I have all her books, and that includes her two new ones in the mystery series.

Liz said...

I met a bunch of them at RT in St Louis 2 years ago. So now I'ld like to meet a new comer Sierra DaFoe. She is such a prolific writer and writes some hot stuff so i think it would be cool to meet her

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm thats not fair cause you KNOW I've already met most of my idols already LOL And some like Bertrice Small and Sherrilyn Kenyon have become dear friends.

I guess the one author I'd love to meet that I havent yet is Johanna Lindsey. I'd love to meet the lady that really cemented my love of romance as I started reading her after graduating from the Barbara Cartland Harlequins. Johanna and Bertrice are why I love historicals so much and that love is continued by my other dear friends Terri Brisbin, Eloisa James, Madeline Hunter and Kinley MacGregor ;)


ikkinlala said...

I can't possibly choose. And I'm not sure if I'd want to meet any of them; I'm pretty shy.

Jennifer Y. said...

I would love to meet any author, but Julie Garwood is at the top. I want to thank her for introducing me to the world of romance...her book was the first romance I remember reading.

Anonymous said...

There are about 25 on the short list, but Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Jayne Ann Krentz would be at the top.

Mimmi said...

Hey, Mo, now that you say that~~you're so right. Johanna Lindsey was one of the VERY first authors I ever snuck and read, and still to this very day I buy everything the woman writes, and love it. She actually went to UofL, so I always thought she'd come back this way, but she never has for a signing. Wouldn't it be awesome to actually pick her brain on the Mallory's and Andersens?

Anonymous said...

Hi mimmi!

Yes I'd love to pick Johanna's mind tho my favorites of hers were her viking books. HEARTS AFLAME and SURRENDER MY LOVE are absolute keepers for me and books I re-read often ;)


J said...

Lisa Kleypas

ReadingAddict1 said...

There are so many authors that I would love to meet that I can't just choose one. It's been over 20 yrs since I read my first romance that I can't even remember who the first author that I read was. The authors I think that I would like to meet the most are the ones who aren't accessible through the Internet, such as websites, emails, chats, etc. :).

Anonymous said...

Julie Garwood - She was the first historical romance author that I read, just a few years ago and got me hooked.