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Title: Full Disclosure (Nice Guys #2)
Author: Kindle Alexander
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: September 16, 2014


Deputy United States Marshal Mitch Knox apprehends fugitives for a living. His calm, cool, collected attitude and devastatingly handsome good looks earn him a well-deserved bad boy reputation, both in the field and out. While away on an assignment, he blows off some steam at a notorious Dallas nightclub. Solving the case that has plagued him for months takes a sudden backseat to finding out all there is to know about the gorgeous, shy blond sitting alone at the bar.

Texas State Trooper Cody Turner is moving up the ranks, well on his way to his dream of being a Texas Ranger. While on a two-week mandatory vacation, he plans to relax and help out on his family’s farm. Mitch is the last distraction Cody needs, but the tatted up temptation that walks into the bar and steals his baseball cap is too hard to ignore.

As Mitch’s case gains nationwide attention, how will he convince the sexy state trooper that giving him a chance won’t jeopardize his life’s plan...especially when the evil he’s tracking brings the hate directly to his doorstep, threatening more than just their careers.

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Author Bio:
Best Selling Author Kindle Alexander is an innovative writer, and a genre-crosser who writes classic fantasy, romance, suspense, and erotica in both the male/male and male/female genres. It's always a surprise to see what's coming next!
I live in the suburbs of Dallas where it's true, the only thing bigger than an over active imagination, may be women's hair!
Usually, I try for funny. Humor is a major part of my life - I love to laugh, and it seems to be the thing I do in most situations - regardless of the situation, but jokes are a tricky deal... I don't want to offend anyone and jokes tend to offend. So instead I'm going to tell you about Kindle.
I tragically lost my sixteen year old daughter to a drunk driver. She had just been at home, it was early in the night and I heard the accident happen. I'll never forget that moment. The sirens were immediate and something inside me just knew. I left my house, drove straight to the accident on nothing more than instinct. I got to be there when my little girl died - weirdly, I consider that a true gift from above. She didn't have to be alone.
That time in my life was terrible. It's everything you think it would be times about a billion. I love that kid. I loved being her mother and I loved watching her grow into this incredibly beautiful person, both inside and out. She was such a gift to me. To have it all ripped away so suddenly broke me.
Her name was Kindle. Honest to goodness - it was her name and she died a few weeks before Amazon released their brand new Kindle ereader. She had no idea it was coming out and she would have finally gotten her name on something! Try finding a ruler with the name Kindle on it.. It never happened.
Through the course of that crippling event I was lucky enough to begin to write with a dear friend in the fan fiction world of Facebook. She got me through those dark days with her unwavering support and friendship. There wasn't a time she wasn't there for me. Sometimes together and sometimes by myself, we built a world where Kindle lives and stands for peace, love and harmony. It's its own kind of support group. I know without question I wouldn't be here today without her.
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Q & A with Anna James!!!

Hi Everyone, I'm Anna James and I write contemporary romance stories with smart, strong, confident, heroes and heroines who conquer life's trials and find their happy ever afters. Thanks for having me here today at Romance Reviews Today.

1. Tell us about your newest release.

KEEPING HER GUILTY SECRET is the first book in my Forever Yours trilogy. This story is
about the oldest of the Bradford Sisters. 

Passion ignites between Nicole Bradford and Max Paradis the moment they lay eyes on each other, but despite the sizzling attraction and Max's to-die-for-kisses, Nicole is reluctant to get involved. She's been burned by love before.
Carlo had been her ideal mate but the dream became a nightmare when his drug smuggling past was revealed.
Now all Nicole wants to do is get on with her life and keep the secret she's been hiding for the last six years.
Still, how can she resist the handsome and sexy Max when he's everything she's ever wanted in a man? And what will she do when Carlo returns and threatens to expose her ugly past?
Nicole will have to trust Max with the truth if she wants to win his love and get Carlo out of
her life for good. If she doesn't Carlo could destroy everything that matters most to her.

2. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your story?

It always surprises me when my characters do something I didn't think they'd do when I started the story.

3.  Do you have any interesting writing quirks or rituals?

I don't necessarily write a book from the beginning to the end. Sometimes, I'll skip around and write another chapter, especially if I'm stuck on a particular scene.

4.  What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

Authors like Nora Roberts, Jayne Ann Krentz, JK Rowling, and Arthur C. Clark, because I love the stories they create.

5.  What does your family think about your career as a published author?

My family is very supportive of my career and think its great. I especially have to thank my husband for picking up the slack around the house so I can continue to write.

6.  Besides writing, what other interests do you have?

I love to read, especially romance, mysteries and fantasy. I love hanging out with my friends and family up at our cottage on the lake and although I don't do much of it anymore, I love to sew.

7. Can you tell us what is coming up next for you?

I'm working on A LOVE WORTH SAVING - book 2 Forever Yours trilogy. This is Ashley and Reed's story. Ashley is the middle Bradford sister. I'm also working on a single title romance with elements of suspense.

8. How can readers connect with you online?

My Website:




Author Bio:
  Anna James writes heartwarming contemporary stories with strong, confident heroes and heroines who conquer life's trials and live happily ever after.  She has been writing professionally since 2010, is a member of RWA, CTRWA (Connecticut Romance Writers of America), CORW (Charter Oak Romance Writers) and RWA Contemporary Romance Writers. Publishing credits include two category length novels, five novellas and one short story.
Anna is married to a wonderful husband who spends countless hours picking up the slack around the house so she can pursue her dream of writing, and is the proud mother of five fabulous children.
Although she's lived in several locations throughout her life she now calls Connecticut home. When not writing, she can be found spending time with family and friends.

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Chat Wednesday night with..... Robin D. Owens!

Paranormal romance author Robin D Owens joins us to discuss her newest release, GHOST LAYER. Door prize: One lucky winner will receive the eNovella, FERAL MAGIC, a Ghost SEER book and another lucky winner will receive a copy of the eARC of GHOST KILLER! Moderated by CrazyMo.

When? Wed night at 9:00PM Eastern time

Where? or go to and click on RRT CHAT. Once the Sign In screen loads, just type your name and choose Mo's room from the chat room menu.

New to our chats? Please check your java and make sure it is up to date so you won't have problems entering the chat room.

Hope to see you there! Ghosts are invited too ;)


Robin's website:

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Q&A with Lisa A. Adams!

1.  Tell us about your newest release.

"Fire on Ice" is a LGBT short story that is being released with Breathless Press under their Flirts Line. It features two male characters. The lead, Marcus, is a hockey player and is forced to "come out" within the first page of the story. His world is turning upside down. In a sport known for its manly men, how will the world accept his sexuality? 

2.  What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your story?

The story all started percolating when I went to go see my first live hockey game. The drive and the stamina was amazing and the players were hot. When Marcus first came to mind, I didn't know he was gay. I had him pictured with a sultry business minded brunette. It was very surprising to me that he was more interested in the men. But, the more of his story he told me, the more I knew that I had to write it.

3.  Do you have any interesting or quirks or rituals?

I cannot, absolutely cannot, write without a fresh cup of coffee when I sit down. Maybe not that strange for some, but it's bad. Even if I have half of a cup left, I have to finish it, and make a fresh cup before I start writing. I also force myself to write the first line of the next scene or the next chapter before I log off for the night. Somehow, just reading that first sentence the next day helps me remember where I was going. I start very quickly.

4.  What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

My father was a huge influence. He was addicted to reading and passed his love on to me. When I told him I wanted to write, he was excited and I remember spending nights with him hashing out the perfect sentence. My only regret is that he passed before I became published. My first book released was dedicated to him.

5.  What does your family think about your career as a published author?

All of my family members are extremely supportive. My mother, 83 year old grandmother, my husband, and my all of my children. My youngest are ten and tell their friends and teachers that I am a writer, my teenagers have read some of my books and even passed them on to their friends. I couldn't be more ecstatic about the amount I get from my family.

6.  Besides writing, what other interests do you have?

Well, they tell you when you start writing, "Write what you know." I've taken this very literally. My heroines have taken part in my hobbies from quilting to camping. I love sports and watch football, soccer, and hockey regularly. These sports very often appear either as a side blurb or a main portion of my story line. I love watching the history channel and have written several historical short stories. Then there is the music I listen to. Often, you'll find song titles in my novellas based off of some of my favorites.

7.  Can you tell us what is coming up next for you?

I'm spreading my wings once again. I'm trying self-publishing and am working with a professional editor and cover artist to make sure I am ready to fight the good fight. My goal is to self-pub at least one short a year. Do I think I'll go there permanently? No. I enjoy working with the people at my publishing companies. Some of my editors have become my best friends. I can't give that up.

8.  How can readers connect with you online?

I absolutely love hearing from readers and aspiring or current authors! I do hope that would like to chat with me as well. If they're interested in keeping up with what's going on in my crazy writing life, they can always find me on Facebook, Twitter, or on my blog. I also have a great Pinterest account, but I don't use it to communicate much, but I do love to post boards that revolve around my books!  Catch me here!

-       Twitter: @LisaAdamsWriter
-       Blog:


Marcus Zankoriewicz is a leader in the National Hockey League… and has just announced he's gay.

Facing a firing squad of reporters accusing him of adultery with another player's wife, Marcus Zankoriewicz sees there's only one way out. He must make the announcement he knew would come one day.
But, this is hockey. Well known for its rough and manly men, Marcus must prepare himself for an onslaught of changes that threaten his career and love life.


Marcus chuckled. "After all this time I ignored the questioning looks and there were still people who figured it out. I should have guessed."
"Don't get me wrong. You're definitely not flaming. In fact I bet my ass you're the hitter in the game."
Marcus grinned. "Really? You bet your ass?"
Justin rolled to his knees and stood in front of him. "Of course, you'll have to catch me first."


Lisa A. Adams writes from a little plot of country, tucked away in the North Carolina Sandhills. When she's not writing, Lisa can be found in her sewing room, in a classroom, or at a local soccer field. When asked about her family, Lisa will be the first to tell you that they have been the backbone of not only her writing career, but anything she chooses to pursue as well. She has been married to her husband for over ten years, has five wonderful children, and two very spoiled cats.